After natural disasters in Japan and elsewhere around the world, UNIQLO leverages its store network to provide clothing and financial support to people in affected areas as swiftly as possible.

  • 2024.1 100,000 items including HEATTECH/STYLE-HEAT innerwear and warm clothing・JP¥100 million

    Noto Peninsula Earthquake

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  • 2023.7 1,200 items, including T-shirts, bottoms, and underwear

    Heavy Rains in Akita Prefecture

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  • 2023.2 €1.000.000・40,000 relief winter clothes

    Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

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  • 2020.11 US$1,000,000 ・300,000 AIRism Face Mask

    Typhoon Rolly and Typhoon Ulysses in the Philippines

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  • 2020.7 24,187 items of essentials

    Torrential Rains in Kyushu Area

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  • 2019.10 70,000 sets of outerwear, fleece jackets and innerwear

    Typhoon No.19

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  • 2018.9 17,700 sets of outerwear, fleece jackets and innerwear

    Hokkaido Earthquake

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  • 2018.7 46,000 sets of T-shirts and innerwear

    The Japan Floods

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  • 2016.4 13,600 sets of room wear and innerwear

    Kumamoto Earthquake

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  • 2015.9 3,800 sets of T-shirts and innerwear

    Tropical Storm Etau

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  • 2015.4 US$100,000

    The Earthquake in Nepal

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  • 2011-2014 JPY300 million

    Great East Japan Earthquake(Recovery Assistance)

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  • 2011 Clothing and Monetary Donation worth JPY3.29 billion

    Great East Japan Earthquake(Emergency Assistance)

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UPDATED / 2024.01.10

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