Helping communities recover from the Great East Japan Earthquake

Thanks to the support of our customers, employees and business partners, the UNIQLO Recovery Assistance Project has successfully reached the end of its three-year mission
The funds were used to finance two main initiatives. The first involved supporting five organizations that were set up to promote financial independence, job creation and economic recovery in northeastern Japan’s Tohoku region. This program has already started producing results. It has led to the creation of new businesses, and it has enabled high school students in the region to pursue their dreams. The second initiative involved opening stores in the area. The Kesennuma store in Miyagi prefecture and the Sea Plaza Kamaishi store in Iwate prefecture were opened as temporary outlets to promote recovery. They are currently operating as permanent stores due to the support of their respective communities. The project is largely coming to an end, but elements of it will go on. UNIQLO continues to provide educational opportunities to high school students in Fukushima prefecture, such as work experience and career training programs. In such ways, UNIQLO is working with the residents of the devastated areas to achieve the shared goal of true recovery.

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