Recycling Clothes

The days of simply discarding throwing used garments are over. We contribute to social sustainability by focusing on technologies to create new clothing from recycled items.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Our mission is to produce top-quality clothing without harming the environment. Everything we do is in keeping with that stance, from choosing materials through manufacturing techniques that conserve resources.

Environmental initiatives in our own operations and supply chain

UNIQLO is committed to using resources effectively across our supply chain and reducing our environmental impact. These initiatives have been ranked highly in international indicators.

Setouchi Olive Foundation

We are committed to preserving the environment for generations to come. We undertake in-store fund-raising and other initiatives to support the Setouchi Olive Foundation, which aims to protect and restore the coastal areas and islands of Japan’s Seto Inland Sea.

Habitual Sustainability

We make it easy in all sorts of ways for people to adopt and maintain sustainable lifestyles, such as by offering environmentally friendly shopping bags, providing clothing care tips that enable people to keep items longer, and offering garments that shrink carbon footprints.



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