Relief for Areas Affected by the 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake

We extend our deepest sympathies to all those affected by the 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake, and send our hopes that recovery work in the region will proceed safely and smoothly. A total of 1,532 people were killed or injured by the earthquake on January 1, 2024, with 41,479 homes damaged. In the aftermath, 13,535 evacuees have sought refuge in 523 shelters.*
In response, Fast Retailing, the parent company of UNIQLO and GU, has distributed approximately 100,000 items of clothing to people in the affected areas, in addition to donating JPY100 million to organizations providing emergency relief.

* Cabinet Office, Disaster Management (updated 2.00pm February 8, 2024)

Clothing Relief (updated March 1, 2024)

Soon after the earthquake on New Year’s Day, around 100,000 items of UNIQLO and GU clothing were dispatched to areas in need. Clothing provided included thermal items from the HEATTECH and Style Heat collections, and cold protection items such as Ultra Light Down jackets.
Responding to requests from UNIQLO staff in the regions affected, on January 4 UNIQLO sent 4,433 items to Nanao, Ishikawa Prefecture, and collaborated with non-governmental organization Peace Winds Japan to deliver another 1,200 items to Suzu, also located in Ishikawa Prefecture, on January 5. The chart below details where and how clothing donations to local governments and relief organizations were distributed. Additional clothing was also made available to local governments and relief organizations at reduced prices.

Donations Sales※1
Ishikawa Prefecture 684 15,000 15,684
Nanao 20,976 20,976
Wajima 39,558 100 39,658
Suzu 13,806 13,806
Noto 9,022 9,022
Anamizu 425 330 755
Niigata 75 75
Hiroshima Prefecture 24 24
2,224 3,775 5,999
Katariba※3 2,860 16,149 19,009
Total 89,630 35,378 125,008
Ishikawa Prefecture Nanao Wajima Suzu Noto Anamizu Niigata Hiroshima Prefecture Hakusan
Katariba※3 Total
Donations 684 20,976 39,558 13,806 9,022 425 75 2,224 2,860 89,630
Sales※1 15,000 100 330 24 3,775 16,149 35,378
15,684 20,976 39,658 13,806 9,022 755 75 24 5,999 19,009 125,008
  • ※1 At the request of local governments and relief organizations, some clothing was purchased from UNIQLO at reduced prices.
  • ※2 For groups of students who evacuated the Noto region.
  • ※3 For students sheltering in place in Suzu, Wajima, Noto, and Anamizu.
  • ※Working with local governments and businesses, certified non-profit corporation Katariba (headquartered in Suginami-ku, Tokyo, directed by Kumi Imamura) launched the “MY Box Project” which provides support tailored to the needs of children through individual aid packages containing clothes, toiletries, and school supplies. Boxes were sent to elementary and middle school students in Suzu, Wajima, Noto, and Anamizu.
Donations for Kanazawa

Donations for Kanazawa

Clothing headed for Wajima

Clothing headed for Wajima

NGO Peace Winds in Suzu

NGO Peace Winds in Suzu

NPO Katariba organizing donations

NPO Katariba organizing donations

Uses of Monetary Aid

Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. has donated approximately 100 million yen to certified non-profit organizations ADRA Japan and Peace Winds Japan, and international non-government organization Save the Children.

Certified Non-Profit ADRA Japan

Certified Non-Profit ADRA Japan
Humanitarian aid, mobile cafe, volunteers

Immediately following the earthquake, ADRA began gathering information and communicating with affected areas, acting swiftly to deliver relief. To date, ADRA has conducted needs surveys at shelters throughout Toyama Prefecture, provided showers and material aid to Anamizu in Ishikawa Prefecture, and established mobile cafes and foot bathing stations in Nanao, in addition to dispatching volunteers and improving shelter conditions. Preparations are being made for further aid to be sent to Anamizu, while mobile cafe and foot bathing stations will continue operating in Nanao. Residents remain anxious in the aftermath of the earthquake, and many are still living without basic needs like running water. ADRA’s mission is to provide peace of mind and improve physical and psychological conditions for those affected by the disaster.

About ADRA Japan

ADRA has branches in around 120 countries and regions, making it one of the world’s largest NGOs. Under the motto “Changing the world one life at a time,” ADRA puts donations to use by providing personalized relief in areas affected by conflict and natural disasters, as well as in developing countries. In Japan, ADRA was a major source of relief following the 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake, and works with those affected by disasters every year, dedicated to disaster preparedness and prevention.

Certified Non-Profit Peace Winds Japan

Certified Non-Profit Peace Winds Japan
Distributing clothing and daily necessities, supporting search and rescue

Since mobilizing on January 1, Peace Winds has provided search and rescue support, as well as medical and material relief, from its base of operations in Suzu, Ishikawa Prefecture. To access remote areas difficult to reach by road, the organization has used helicopters to transport patients and fly medical personnel and supplies into remote villages, and watercraft to shuttle goods and materials. In addition to providing material aid to evacuation shelters, Peace Winds also makes regular deliveries aimed at helping those sheltering at home, to ensure that all evacuees have food and daily necessities. Since many of those sleeping in cars or sheltering at home also have pets, Peace Winds arranges for temporary kenneling services outside the region, and has built a special shelter in Suzu for evacuees and pets, while their Pet Daycare House helps those who leave the house during the day, offering a valuable service to the community.

About Peace Winds Japan

Peace Winds Japan is a Japan-based international NGO that provides relief to those affected by natural disasters, conflict, impoverishment, and other crises that disrupt daily life. Founded in 1996 by Kensuke Onishi, the organization is active in 38 countries and regions. Tackling societal problems head-on, Peace Winds Japan is a social innovation platform committed to finding solutions.

Non-Governmental Organization Save the Children

Non-Governmental Organization Save the Children
Helping bring relief to children

Responding to the needs of children in the affected areas, Save the Children has delivered “Emergency Kits for Kids,” containing toys and no-rinse shampoo, to evacuation shelters in Nanao, Ishikawa Prefecture. The organization has also established child-friendly spaces called kodomo hiroba, or kid zones, inside the gymnasiums being used as shelters. In addition, Save the Children offers training in emergency mental health treatment for children, giving adults the resources they need to make sure kids feel safe.

About Save the Children

Founded in England in 1919, Save the Children are pioneers of children’s rights, devoted to creating a world where all children can enjoy the right to live, the right to grow, and the right to be protected and included in society. To date, Save the Children has undertaken aid activities for children in around 120 countries and regions. Save the Children Japan has been active since 1986, providing support for children suffering from poverty, disasters, and other emergency situations.

UPDATED / 2024.03.29

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