At UNIQLO, we are creating jeans that respect the future of our planet. Jeans born from cutting-edge technology,developed in our Los Angeles-based Jeans innovation Center. The art of making jeans has typically been a process that exerts a considerable burden on the environment and workers. BlueCycle is an industry game changer, eliminating the need for large amounts of water and manual labor used to get That faded, worn-in look. BlueCycle significantly reduces the amount of water used in the jeans finishing process, by up to 99%*. Laser distressing replaces sandpapering, reducing the burden of work done by human hands and generally improving the work environment. Our next-generation jeans are kind to both people and the environment. BlueCycle is a huge step forward in sustainabilityーand it's just the beginning.

BlueCycle reduces water use in the finishing process by up to 99%*. Jeans are finished to the same standard of quality with just about a teacup’s worth of water.

Natural pumice is typically used in the denim industry to achieve that classic stone-washed look. However, pumice disintegrates over time, requiring large amounts of water to wash away powdery residue. At UNIQLO, we’re now using long-lasting, hard-wearing, powderless eco stones, which give you that same look you love while dramatically reducing the required number of washes. We’ve also introduced the use of ozone-mist washing machines that require very little water and instead use nanobubbles. These two advanced technologies have significantly reduced the amount of water used in the jeans finishing process, by up to 99%*.

*Data is based on a study of Regular Fit Jeans (68 Blue) between 2017 and 2018. Water savings will vary slightly between products.



We use lasers to create that classic, lived-in look and feel. Laser distressing replaces sandpapering and improves the work environment.

Sandpaper has long been used to create that vintage denim look. Skilled workers would rub the jeans by hand to achieve the perfect fade. The manual labor involved in this intensive process required a heavy effort. UNIQLO has developed a way to complete this process using lasers to distress denim in all the right places. The use of lasers greatly reduces heavy manual labor and makes the work environment a better place for all.



UNIQLO is working with our denim partners to purify and reuse wastewater generated by the jeans-making process, as well as reducing wastewater volumes overall. We are also proactively evaluating our fabrics and manufacturing processes to promote a more sustainable way to make jeans.

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