Report on the initiatives that were held during the three-year period

IVY helps individuals throughout the world regain their independence in the face of conflicts, natural disasters and poverty. It envisions a just society in which everyone in the world can live with dignity and respect. IVY has been working to reduce poverty in Cambodia, particularly in the country's rural areas, since 1993. It is also educating elementary school students who have left Syria and Iraq as refugees. In the region that was devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, IVY is helping communities to recover and assisting residents in their efforts to rebuild their lives through job creation initiatives.

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Summary of the initiatives that were held during the three-year period

Theme of the initiatives: 'Local Power Project' to create jobs in the disaster area

I. Helping people work through the provision of daycare services

Helping people achieve independence through IVY Daycare, a daycare center for mothers and children who have been forced to leave Fukushima Prefecture
Yamagata Prefecture led Japan in sheltering the most evacuees from Fukushima Prefecture during the period of July 2011 to August 2013. Most of the evacuees were mothers and their children. A daycare was needed for evacuee mothers who were facing financial difficulties to achieve and maintain financial independence.
The daycare helped 166 mothers to find or look for work.
Helping operation of daycares that were rebuilt after destruction due to the earthquake and tsunami
Twenty-seven daycare facilities were completely destroyed along the coast of Miyagi Prefecture. The lack of facilities prevented mothers from returning to work. The number of children on waiting lists for acceptance to daycares needed to be reduced throughout the entire region. The prefecture needed to help reopen non-authorized daycare centers, which struggled to secure aid from the government.
IVY helped three daycares to rebuild in two years. The daycares also provided places of employment to over 10 people.

II. Community business-type NPO aid

The number of NPOs in Kesennuma before the disaster was low at 13. The number of young people who helped out was also low. IVY helped young people in their 20s and 30s establish community business-type NPOs in an effort to boost employment and improve local welfare services.
IVY aided two NPOs over two years. It helped 19 people find employment and aided 11,000 users of services for the elderly.

III. Aid for startups

The employment situation along the coast of Miyagi Prefecture was poor in April 2012. There were only 0.77 jobs for every job seeker in Ishinomaki, and 0.6 jobs in Kesennuma. Furthermore, the needs of jobseekers and the job market were mismatched. The service and construction sectors needed workers, yet the white-collar and manufacturing sectors were seeing more jobseekers than they needed. IVY worked to prevent young people from leaving the area and revitalize local communities by creating new workplaces with local young people in mind.
IVY aided two businesses over two years.
NOTE: Voar Luz, which IVY aided in 2013, is one of the two businesses that IVY aided. It became an incorporated company in 2014 and is still in operation.