LifeWear Collection

Welcome to the Autumn/Winter 2021 LifeWear collection.

As we step into another new normal,
reuniting with loved ones and spending time with friends,
we celebrate the small pleasures of everyday life.

We believe that by focusing on the people you love,
your hometown and nature while cherishing individuality,
we can move towards a better life with clothes that complement these values and ideas.

This is the concept of LifeWear.

1 Connecting to the city and nature

Casualwear / Workwear / Functional style / Seasonal colours

Freedom of movement

Be as comfortable in the city as you are in nature with new high quality and functional everyday clothing.

2 Choosing high quality and durable clothes

Natural knits / Sophisticated jeans / Enhanced basics

Curated city living

Discover a minimal, high-quality wardrobe to enrich your life with comfort and discerning style.

3 Focusing on your wellbeing

Sports & Outdoor Clothing / Loungewear

Reset and recharge

Choose comfortable pieces for time spent outdoors, workouts and resting at home.

4 Investing in smart technology to stay warm all winter

Down Collection / Thermal Trousers / HEATTECH Technology / AIRism for Autumn & Winter

Experience our smart technology and stay warm and cosy throughout the winter.