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Kevin Ma

Illustration by Yoshifumi Takeda

“Key Items That Never Leave My Bag.”

Pocketable Parka, AIRism Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt,
Compact Umbrella

Kevin’s Standard

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Kevin Ma

Founder and CEO of Hypebeast Ltd. Born in 1982 in Hong Kong. What started as just a sneaker website, has transitioned into today’s most relevant and reliable source for culture news.

In recent years, frequent traveling has consequently made me master the art of packing smart for all of my trips. The idea of jetting from one place to another is still exciting to me. However, with traveling also comes the stress of thinking about and needing to repack for each trip. This ignited a journey to exploring the world of quality basics and minimalistic staples — the practicality and versatility of clothes have become main factors when it comes time to pack.

Some current travel essentials I always carry with me are UNIQLO’s AIRism crew neck t-shirts, a pocketable parka, as well as a compact umbrella. The AIRism t-shirt is ideal for summer while still comfortable enough to wear all year round. It is amazing how technology can work to create comfort in clothing nowadays. I always carry a pocketable parka and a compact umbrella in my luggage at all times.

The pocketable parka is useful in the instances of when I get cold in air-conditioned spaces during the summer, and does double duty as a layering piece for colder seasons.It is a plus to have a packable piece that could be stored away in my bag/luggage without occupying too much space. With unpredictable weather and changes in the forecast, a compact umbrella comes in handy.

These are key items that never leave my bag. Lightweight, compact, essentials for everyday. Traveling has since gotten a little less hectic and more efficient once I’ve gotten through and acquire the mindset of going with only versatile essential basics.

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