My Standard

Banana Yoshimoto

Illustration by Yoshifumi Takeda

“Matching Shirts”

Supima Cotton Crew Neck
Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Selected by Banana Yoshimoto

Text & Photography

Banana Yoshimoto


Born in 1964 in Tokyo. Graduated from Nihon University College of Art with a degree in literature. In 1987, her debut novel Kitchen was awarded the 6th Kaien Newcomer Writers Prize. Her books have been published in translation in over thirty countries. Her most recent novel is Fukiage Kitan Episode 3: Zashikiwarashi. Collections of her essay column “Dokudami- chan to Fushibana,” originally published on the web magazine, are now available in paperback editions.

At one point my older sister got so sick she was hospitalized and needed surgery.
I bought her all kinds of baggy clothes, so that they wouldn’t rub against the scar.
While I was shopping at UNIQLO, it crossed my mind that my sister might be wearing these clothes in the last moments of her life. I pulled myself together, telling myself, “Either way, the best you can do is find her comfortable clothes that won’t bother her scar,” and really took my time picking things out.
My sister usually wore a women’s small, but the large clothes looked just right, under the circumstances.
I wondered if a men’s medium or large might suit her even better.
While I was at it, I found myself a new T-shirt.
Matching one of hers.
When she was discharged from the hospital, she gave the super baggy items to her male friends, but held on to the ones that fit her loosely, which she continued wearing after getting better.
The black men’s Supima Cotton T-shirt that I bought myself has become one of my favorites, like a second skin.
Usually it takes repeated washings and extensive wear to make a T-shirt comfortable, but this one felt good right away.
Sometimes I wear it business casual, under a suit jacket, and sometimes I wear it as pajamas. It’s become a part of me. When I reach my arms through the sleeves, I always think the same thing. “So comfortable.” It’s nothing special, but I would never want to live without it.

My Standard
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