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Illustration by Yoshifumi Takeda

”Winter Essentials.”

W’s HEATTECH Turtleneck Long Sleeve T-Shirt

YOON’s Standard

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⟨AMBUSH®⟩Creative Director, ⟨Dior Men⟩Jewelry Director. Founded⟨AMBUSH®⟩along with VERBAL in 2008 as a jewelry brand. This season, ⟨AMBUSH®⟩collaborated with UT for the first time, on a collection focused on Disney’s Minnie Mouse.

When one wears out, I’ll buy another, and when that wears out, I’ll buy another...

At this point, I’ve been wearing HEATTECH for at least ten years. Since I buy a new one every year once it gets chilly, I always have at least ten in my closet. Sort of like the way that Steve Jobs wore a turtleneck every day, as a kind of uniform, I’ve made the black HEATTECH turtleneck my winter uniform, as surprising as that may sound.

I need something casual I can wear when I’m running around for work, but that I can dress up if I’m heading to an evening dinner. It’s really warm on its own, but layers easily as well, making it convenient for almost any situation. It’s basically the most comfortable thing I own, so when I’m flying around the world, I’m always sure to take it along.

A few years back, I went to NYC in the fall, but I forgot my HEATTECH. The first thing I did was run over to the UNIQLO near my hotel in SoHo and buy the one I’m always wearing. I remember being stunned at how easy it was to find UNIQLO anywhere in the world.

Thanks to that emergency HEATTECH purchase, my stay in NYC was comfortable and warm. Since then, I never forget to bring a HEATTECH with me, wherever it is I’m heading.

As long as I have HEATTECH in my suitcase, I’m ready to visit any country. Since it’s so warm, it lets me be fashionable without compromise, even in the chilly weather. Once I start talking about how much I love HEATTECH, it can be hard to stop, so for now I’ll just say that it’s great having such a comforting companion.

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