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Jeannie Sui Wonders

Photographer & Filmmaker

Born in Michigan, raised in suburban Detroit. After studying filmmaking at Harvard University, Jeannie started working as a writer and director. While creating short films of her own, she has worked on numerous commercial films and fashion videos. Last March, as part of “Celebrating Sofia Coppola UT,” she directed the short film I <3 NYC under the special supervision of Coppola, depicting the lives of New Yorkers. She’s currently in post production for a short film shot in summer 2023 in Michigan.

Pants that Fit
the New York Lifestyle

Living in New York, I’m often out for the entire day. Anything can happen. And sometimes, things change at the last minute. That’s why I make a point of wearing comfortable clothes. I’d been looking for a good pair of functional pants when I found these Easy Cargo Pants. Like the name says, they’re meant to keep things easy in a variety of situations. They work in all kinds of weather, plus they’re durable. Just right for stepping out on a rainy day. In spring and summer they work great with sneakers, and in winter they go nicely with snow boots. When I’m out filming, I wear clothes that make it easy to move around. These pants have so many pockets, I can fit whatever I need: phone, pens, walkie-talkie. They’re also great for days when I’m home editing, or hanging out relaxing after work.

When I was directing a short movie for the UT and Sofia Coppola collaboration, we spent time filming the streets of New York. Working with my new friend the artist Losel Yauch and the genius Helena Howard, we did our best to pay homage to Sofia’s creativity. Such a fun experiment. I’m usually downtown at my place, so I head over to the UNIQLO in SoHo a lot. Sometimes I’ll dip in for some extra socks or innerwear, or if I’m in the neighbourhood I’ll stop in and have a look. UNIQLO has so many great layering options. It helps New Yorkers make it through the hot summers and cold winters.

  1. 1. Jeannie has all of the “Celebrating Sofia Coppola” T-shirts. Last summer, she wore them countless times paired with a skirt and ballet flats.

  2. 2. Jeannie likes wearing a hoodie underneath a coat and pulling up the hood.

  3. 3. The soft material of these pleated wide pants is a great match for her sensitive skin. In summer she wears them with a cropped T-shirt, and in winter with a big sweater.

  • Photography by Lisa Kato
  • Text by Azumi Hasegawa
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