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Episode 04:

Larb Moo

  • Thailand
  • Bangkok

Soul food of Isan (northeast Thailand), larb is a salad made from stirfried meat or fish tossed with a healthy portion of vegetables and herbs. For this issue, chef Nutthida Palasak of one of Bangkok’s popular restaurants shares her recipe for Larb Moo, which uses pork (or soy meat).

The ground meat is pan-fried in pork lard, to bring out its umami flavour, while the liver is sautéed only briefly. The “khao khua” (toasted mochi rice flour) which provides extra flavour can either be purchased at a store or made at home. Mochi rice from Thailand is roasted until golden brown, then cooled thoroughly before grinding into powder in a suribachi or food processor. The combination of aromatic khao khua and refreshing herbs with the pleasant kick of dried chillis will make you reach for seconds. It’s easy to get hooked on the spicy flavours of this dish from the land of everlasting summer.

Ingredients (serves 1-2)

Minced pork*: 120 g
Pork liver (sliced)*: 30 g
Shallot: 50 g
Mint leaf, spring onion, coriander: 10 g each
Kaffir lime or yuzu leaf: 5 g
Pork lard: 45 g
Pork bone stock or preferred stock: 60 g

*Soy meat can be substituted for pork

Fish sauce: 15 g
Fresh lime juice: 30 g
Chilli powder: 5 g
Khao khua (ground toasted mochi rice): 12 g



  1. Cut the shallot and spring onion into bite-size pieces. Shred the coriander and kaffir lime leaf. Tear the mint apart by hand.
  2. In a frying pan, warm the lard over medium heat and fry the ground pork for 3 min.
  3. Add the stock to (2) and mix well, then add the pork liver and sauté for 1 min.
  4. Transfer (3) from pan into a dish or bowl and mix in the seasonings [A]. Toss with (1) and mix well.

For a chic presentation, garnish with fried or fresh young chilli peppers and more mint leaf. Enjoy this taste of Isan, by way of Bangkok!

Nutthida PalasakChef

Originally from Isan in northeast Thailand, Palasak worked in fashion design before pivoting to cooking. Her fresh take on Isan cuisine has won loyal fans, giving these beloved dishes a modern makeover for Bangkok. Her nickname is Ms. Eve.

Zao Ekkamai

1155 Soi Pridibanomyong 25, Bangkok, 10110

Independent restaurant offering Isan cuisine, the spiciest variety of Thai food. Guests who come to sample zesty dishes like larb will be charmed by the antique furniture and relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant has a sister location called Zao Larb in the neighbouring Thonglor area.

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