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What is LifeWear magazine?

LifeWear is clothing designed to make everyone’s life better.

It is simple, high-quality, everyday clothing with a practical sense of beauty; ingenious in detail, thought with life’s needs in mind, and always evolving.

As a way of helping people all over the world to explore the specifics of this clothing and the concepts behind its production, we founded LifeWear magazine.

About LifeWear magazine Issue 06

The Joy of Clothing

Wearing clothes is a beautiful thing. As obvious as it may sound, for this issue of LifeWear magazine we wanted to examine the positive relationship between clothing and our lives. Whether it’s the fresh feeling of pulling on a new shirt, the happiness of finding something that you want to wear forever, the pleasures of exploring colour, or the freedom of discovering your own style—behind it all is a simple joy, a sense of play.

It’s crucial to be yourself. Just ask the New Yorkers featured here. These characters know how to make their clothes look tailored just for them, without even trying. On the flip side, we’ve also showcased some traditional styles that are sure to boost your confidence.

For this issue, we also paid a visit to the beaches of Melbourne with Australian magazine frankie to shoot the new UNIQLO and JW ANDERSON collection. It was a delightful place, lined with colourful beach huts. Partnering with another editorial department was a joy, and we’re proud to say it shines from every page.

It’s fun when things work well together. We hope that our relationship with clothing will always be this way.

  • Photography by Bri Hammond for frankie magazine
  • Back Cover:
    Artwork ©Keith Haring Foundation.
    Licensed by Artestar, New York.

Designer Jonathan Anderson tells us that some of his “most precious memories involve time spent by the ocean.” With this in mind, shooting our latest collection at the beach was a must. As pleasant as the British rain can be, we couldn’t say no to the sunshine of the Southern Hemisphere on a spring day.

Photography by Bri Hammond for frankie magazine

  • Translation: Sam Bett
  • Proofreading: Shuchinsha Co., Ltd.
  • Creative Direction & Art Direction:
  • FAST RETAILING Co.,LTD. Global Creative Lab Tokyo
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