• Photography by Kohei Kawashima
  • Styling by Tsuyoshi Nimura (men), Yuriko E (women)
  • Hair & Makeup by Misuzu Miyake Coordination by Momoko Ikeda
  • Special thanks to Tomoko Lee, Shoji Sano, Shimpei Nakagawa

New York City, a metropolis rich in diversity, where old mixes with new.
And for every stunning individual, there’s a unique style.
Here are eighteen perspectives from New Yorkers living their best lives, styled in LifeWear.

Tauri Janeé


Tauri, a creative writer, totally owns this style, like she could have stepped out of the movie Annie Hall. A contributor of, she’s holding a copy of the book Pleasure Activism. “This book redefines activism as something that can come from a place of joy or pleasure. It was written by adrienne maree brown, an author who I really admire.”

Vicente Muñoz &
Audrey Rose Smith

Founders of balcony magazine

Casa Magazines, a haven of print media where you can find magazines from all over the world. Standing out front, this smiling duo is Vicente and Audrey, founders and editors of balcony magazine.
“Our goal is to provide a glimpse into how artists spend their days. It’s about gathering together the smaller things in life, those tiny details and moments of real intimacy.”

22 8th Ave, New York, NY

Arati Rao

Founder and Creative Director, Tantuvi

When we stopped by to photograph New York based rug company, Tantuvi, which works with weavers in India, founder and creative director Arati was seven months pregnant. Eagerly awaiting her child’s birth, she poured her heart and soul into her work. An array of rugs lined the walls of the studio.
“When something is dyed and sewn by hand, it produces natural imperfections. We accept these for what they are, instead of striving for perfection. The handmade process is what makes each and every piece unique and special.”

Darren Lee

Custom Bike Builder

A veteran of the legendary Brooklyn Machine Works, Darren now works solo as a custom bike builder. “In New York, a bicycle is probably the fastest way to escape a traffic jam. It puts you in direct contact with sounds and smells, even slight differences in temperature. You’re one with the city.”

Jenny Cooper

Owner, IXV Coffee

After working for a time in fashion design, Jenny made a change in 2020 and opened IXV Coffee in Brooklyn. Inside the café, you’ll find an assortment of Jenny’s reworked vintage items.
“I’m trying to convey how easy it can be for us to say no to disposable culture and instead reuse things. My dream is to create a system for reusable cups that can be used and returned at any cafe. Of course I also want them to be stylish!”
Marc Armitano Domingo
Renaissance Instrumentalist, Ceramist

497c Pacific St., Brooklyn, NY

Marc Armitano Domingo

Baroque Instrumentalist,

Marc is both a musician specialising in instruments from the Baroque period and a potter working under the name Armitano Domingo. His apartment and his work give off an ineffable mood of liberation.
“Up through the eighteenth century, composers left performers space to improvise and fill in the blanks. It was freer. They had more fun and limitless possibilities for instrument decoration.”

Jeffrey Deitch

Art Dealer, Curator

The force behind the legendary SoHo gallery Deitch Projects, Jeffrey is also known as the first person to mention Jean-Michel Basquiat in the press and has made a career of showing work by iconic artists like Keith Haring.
“As an art dealer, I take a formalised, traditional approach in fashion. These days, only a handful of dealers bother to wear a tie, but I think of the suit as my signature style.”

22 8th Ave, New York, NY

Misa & Koa Nishijima

Homemaker & Student

Misa, who met her photographer husband in New York and has been living there for twenty years, appears alongside her daughter, Koa, wearing a smart trench coat. For a decade they have lived in Chelsea, where they frequently shop together at their favorite spots. Misa says she prefers dressing in all the same colour, while Koa’s recent favourite outfit is pairing a hoodie with a trench coat. The fun of clothing comes from finding your own style.

Lukas Jimenez


Raised in Carroll Gardens, student Lukas Jimenez practices fencing in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood. He wears UNIQLO chinos and shirts to school. “Fencing is a sport with lots of gear. That’s why I wear UNIQLO, to keep my outfits simple. For church on the weekends, I wear a lambswool sweater and a dressy pair of sweatpants.”

Umberto Bellardi Ricci

Sculptor, Architect, Product Designer

Born in Luxembourg, Umberto worked in England and Mexico before moving to Brooklyn, where he keeps a studio in the Navy Yard.
“I’m inspired by American minimalists like Donald Judd and by the architecture of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.”

Nadia Yaron


“I dress in denim, head to toe; it’s my business suit,” says Nadia, who lives life on her own terms upstate in Hudson, New York. Her studio is in a little building in her yard that she’s been renovating on her own. “After working for a while in textiles, I wanted to do something more physical, so I started woodworking. Hoping to make something big, I found a neighbour with some logs they didn’t need. Some experimenting with the chainsaw and I was on my way.”

Justin Raul Baez

Media Coordinator

Justin works as media coordinator for the Noguchi Museum in Long Island City, Queens. “Isamu Noguchi’s motto was expansion. He devoted himself to realizing his goals and broadening his scope as an artist. This strikes me as something most New Yorkers can relate to.”

9-01 33rd Road, Long Island City, NY

Artworks © The Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum, New York / Artists Rights Society

Sophia Pastorius-Young


Sophia’s home in Greenpoint is filled with musical instruments. Along with the stringed instruments there are drums on the floor and cymbals hanging from the ceiling.
“I’ve been playing music as long as I can remember, my family are musicians going back generations. What I love about this place is how great all my neighbours are. If I’m playing the guitar outside, Frances, a Polish matriarch who lives with three generations of her family, will encourage me and tell me stories of her life.”

Mecca & Faheem Allah

Model, Movement Artist &

Born only ten minutes apart, twins Mecca, a movement artist, and Faheem, a skateboarder, sit like best friends on their stoop. Like two peas in a pod, they agree that “if we get into a fight, one of us always makes the other person laugh.”

Quinn Batley

Skater, Student

Quinn moved to New York four years ago, enrolling at The New School. He belongs to Homies, a skate team in the city, and is studying photography.
“For my senior thesis I’m planning a book that brings together photos of skaters in my circle, taken from daily life. You never know what’s going to happen next. New York is about making your own way. It has that special energy. I want to make a record of my friends, of who we are at this point in our lives.”

Isabella Rojas Bauso

Rock Climber

The outcroppings of Central Park are popular with climbers. Carrying her crashpad onto the subway, Isabella brings it to the park to practise. She and her friends publish a climbing zine called MÁS.
“MÁS means ‘more’ in Spanish. We want to say more about the fun parts of this sport that conventional outlets tend to overlook. Most of all, we want it to feel accessible to all kinds of people.”

Loren Abramovitch &
Daniel Soskolne

Site-Specific Cooking Chefs

Israel-born Loren and Daniel, who perform as the culinary duo “Lev,” are unique chefs who cook in various locations. Inspired by the melting pot of culinary backgrounds surrounding them from an early age, their food is a rich mix of the traditions of the land they come from and those surrounding it.
“For us, food always carries a deep sense of memory and emotion.”

Jayden Sable &
Jonathan del Rosario

Students, Tennis Players

These old friends have practiced at the Kings County Tennis League since they were little. Performing at the tournaments held on public courts like the Fort Greene Tennis Association, Jonathan, in the green polo, reigned supreme for five years straight through 2020. And in 2021, the champion was Jayden, in the tilden vest.
“Recently we’ve been giving back by teaching tennis to little kids as volunteers. We love seeing them really enjoy themselves. It reminds us of when we were kids!”

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