• How to find the perfect down jacket
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How to find the perfect down jacket

Oct 19, 2023 LifeWear
In 3 easy steps
As we slowly shift into the cold season, you may want to update your wardrobe with some winter essentials. The down jacket is a versatile and functional piece that will stay with you through the months ahead.

But what should you look for when purchasing a down coat, and how do you choose one from the great variety of styles and shapes? We created a mini guide to help you with your choice, highlighting three main aspects to consider.

1. First things first: the padding

Down padding

The secret of a warm jacket does not lie in its volume, but in its ability to create a barrier between our bodies and the external environment. How? By trapping air and, crucially, its warmth, you become protected from the cold. The more air trapped, the warmer the jacket.

There are two types of insulation to choose from: down and synthetic padding. Knowing how to differentiate between them helps you to easily find out which one suits your needs.

Down combines insulating power with incredible lightness, thanks to the nature of feathers. These flake-structured fluffy creations are able to retain a great amount of warmth, by occupying little space and trapping air.

Have you ever heard of fill power? It's the standard measure for the proportion between the volume of feathers compared to their weight, ranging from a minimum of 100 to a maximum of 800.

This measurement gives you a good understanding of how warm an item might be. UNIQLO Ultra Light Down jackets have a fill power of 750+, which is why they are so cosy, light, and packable. Different from most down coats that lose their warming power if the feathers get wet, UNIQLO jackets feature a special water-repellent coating to keep you warm and dry, even in case of rain.

Recyclable down

Furthermore, we source our feathers from farmers who comply with the Responsible Down Standard; minimising the production impact on animals.

Synthetic padding can be made from a variety of materials, from fabric to artificial feathers. It tends to be more voluminous and heavier, but also sturdier and water-repellent. Our Hybrid Down jackets feature a combination of lightweight, high-performance cotton padding with heat absorption technology and premium down, to give you the best of both worlds.

2. The style: which one is best for me?

Girls on the street wearing down coats

When it comes to shape, fit, and size, your own style preferences are unique. By prioritising versatility and a timeless design, you can make the most out of your jacket for years to come. Our collection for women and men offers you plenty of options to style with your casual outfits or formal ones. From boxy jackets and parkas you can wear during mid-season, to elegant long coats that will keep you effortlessly warm in the colder months, we have a down jacket for every occasion.

This season's highlights are the Ultra Light Down Compact Jacket and the Ultra Light Down Quilted Vest. Both grant you protection against any sudden changes of temperature you might experience in the morning or at night, and you can easily layer them under a coat for extra warmth on chilly days.

If you are buying for little ones, you'll no doubt want smart, functional clothes that save time and energy. Our kids' collection features sturdy jackets in nylon to keep them warm and protected, with removable hoods and elastic cuffs to block the cold, in a variety of cute shades.

3. Things to be noted: how to care for your jacket

Down coat care

You may want your down jacket to be an investment, something you can use and enjoy for a long time. That is why it is important to take practicality into account, alongside quality and aesthetic.

Your down coat should be easy to wash and care for. UNIQLO jackets can be conveniently washed at home, at low temperatures (many machines feature down-specific programs), or by hand.

If the idea of handling goose feathers scares you at first, don't fear! Despite the delicate nature of the material, with few a precautions washing your coat can actually be very easy. We recommend using mild soap in small quantities, careful rinsing, avoiding fabric softener, and opting for a spin cycle to remove excess water.

Once dried in the open air, a delicate shake in all directions will allow the feathers to spread evenly inside the lining.

Now that you know the science of down jackets, from fill power to washing techniques, you are more than ready to take a look at our women's, men's, and kids' collections.