UNIQLO Sustainability

Recycling Program

UNIQLO wants to maximize the use of clothing that our customers no longer wear. We collect clothing from customers at UNIQLO and GU stores, and working with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and other NGOs and partners, we distribute the wearable items to refugees, disaster victims and others in need worldwide. Clothing that is deemed unwearable is recycled into refuse paper and plastic fuel (RPF) pellets for fuel.

How to donate:

Recycling boxes can be found at UNIQLO stores across the country.
- All UNIQLO items are accepted for recycling.
- Please wash your clothes prior to donation to ensure that items are delivered in the best possible condition.
- Please make sure personal belongings are not with donations.

Recycled products collection and donation records (2019)

Recycled products collection and donation records (2018)

As of end of August 2019

90.79 million items, 22 countries and regions
36.57 million items, 72 countries and regions
Refugees, disaster victims,
socially vulnerable people such as pregnant women and mothers and children, etc.
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