We began by delivering 540,000 pieces
to refugee camps in Rwanda.

Last year we asked you for donations of clothing for refugees around the world.
Wow, did you ever come through!

So let's keep goiong. There are still so many people around the world who could really use our help.
Come by any Uniqlo store to make your donation.



UNIQLO has collected 10 million pieces of clothing for refugees around the world. Thanks for your help!

Adam Scott
Professional Golfer

"I'm excited but not surprised to hear that UNIQLO is taking on something so serious and globally relevant. I think this is a fantastic way to help address such a big problem. So many of us are so fortunate to live in a world where we have access to everything. I think we can all find something that we haven't worn for a while and give it to someone else who might need it more. Donating clothing is the least we can do."

Shingo Kunieda
Professional Wheelchair Tennis Player

"There's bound to be clothing that you no longer wear in your home. Even if you only donate a few items, it will help. I found about 50 articles of UNIQLO clothing that I no longer needed and placed them in a box at a store. Donating clothing also helps you keep your home tidy. Let's help refugees around the world through clothing. You can make a difference!"


Since 2006, Fast Retailing has been distributing clothing to refugees and others in need through our All-Product Recycling Initiative in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).
As the number of refugees continues to rise, we are determined to help those in need by collecting 10 million pieces of clothing by early 2016.

Please donate your unworn UNIQLO clothing at a UNIQLO store near you.
You can make a difference.