The All-Product Recycling Initiative is a key activity being implemented by UNIQLO. When we first started this initiative in 2006, we thought that we would recycle the donated clothing as material for the textile industry. However, most of the items we were receiving from our customers were still very wearable. Wanting to extend their lives as “clothes”, we began sending them to people in need of clothing around the world. In line with our Sustainability vision of Making the World a Better Place, we continue to challenge ourselves in seeking ways to make a difference.

Clothes should not be seen as disposable products

How to donate.

  • You can donate used UNIQLO clothing at any UNIQLO store during store hours.

Items for donation.

  • All UNIQLO items are accepted for recycling.
  • To ensure that donated items are delivered in the best possible condition, please wash them prior to donation.
  • Please make sure personal belongings are not with donations.

UNIQLO Recycling

Background on UNIQLO recycling initiatives

UNIQLO's ultimate goal is to provide clothing that meets the demands of all people.

Since 2007, UNIQLO, along with its global partner UNHCR, has delivered clothing items to refugees, evacuees, victims of disaster, expectant and nursing mothers, and others in need around the world. This activity has been welcomed by locals as well as the international community.

We will further expand the scope of our efforts to deliver one UNIQLO article of clothing for every refugee in the world. We will continue donations in line with local needs the world over.

There are still many, many people around the world who are in need of clothing. Having as many customers as possible bring in items for recycling helps steadily widen the circle of support we have created for people living in difficult environment.
We very much appreciate your support.

All-Product Recycling Initiative Results (as of August 2017)

Total number of items collected in 16 countries and regions

65.94 million items

Total number of items donated in 65 countries and regions

25.58 million items

Donation sites

All UNIQLO stores in the countries where collection activities took place

Donations will support

Refugees, disaster survivors, homeless people, pregnant women and single mothers in need

Global partners