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StyleHint from Stockholm,
London and Tokyo

  • Photography by Hironori Tsukue (Stockholm),
  • Gerardo Jaconelli (London),
  • Yoko Sugimoto (Tokyo)
  • Text by UNIQLO

As part of the international expansion of StyleHint, our service for discovering new styles, UNIQLO staff from three different cities modelled sample outfits. A different colour can make the feeling of a standard item change entirely.

Fleece Jackets

From Stockholm

StyleHint has just been launched in Sweden. Staff at our store in Stockholm, which opened in 2018, modelled different colour options for our furry fleece jacket. Light and soft against the skin, it has a natural stretchiness that makes wearing it stress-free. The environmentally conscious fabric incorporates 30% recycled polyester derived from plastic bottles, a fine match for the people of Sweden, a nation at the forefront of sustainability. UNIQLO is deepening its connections with Sweden through sports-based partnerships, supplying top athletes and teams with clothing and accessories. As one might expect for a sports powerhouse like Sweden, these sporty styles are a naturally good fit.

Cashmere Knits

From London

If asked what item represents UNIQLO the best, lots of people probably think of our cashmere knits. We’ve been making this fall and winter classic for almost twenty years. Now available in scarves and hats as well, these knit goods are so smooth and soft that if you try them once, you’ll never go back. Pictured here as styled by our staff in London, which starts getting chilly around September. The diversity of faces speaks to the cosmopolitan nature of the city. In fact, London is where UNIQLO opened its first store overseas twenty years ago. To commemorate this anniversary, we’re releasing this sweater in twenty different colours for men and women. Folks who already own the basic colours will have new vivid or pale tones to choose from. A special process makes these knits resistant to pilling, while the fact they can be handwashed at home is an added bonus.

Flannel Checked Shirts

From Tokyo

A mainstay of American casualwear, flannel shirts may spend time on the hanger now and then, though never for too long. Of course there’s comfort in a shirt you’ve worn for ages, but having an update on the classic in your wardrobe keeps you ready for the day when flannel weather comes around. One of these fresh updates is the women’s flannel, which we’ve cut a little shorter to accommodate a more oversized style. For men, we’ve combined plaids from the same colour family into a variety of patterns that are nevertheless chic. As demonstrated by our Tokyo staff, the styling is up to you. Works just as well tucked in, for a more trad look, as it does worn casually over a hoodie or a high neck sweater. The versatility is another major draw.


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