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UNIQLO Sustainability

Assisting Recovery in Cooperation with NGOs

For the past three years, UNIQLO has used 300,000,000 yen from the proceeds from sales at its stores, as well as an additional 10,928,565 yen donated by its customers, to fund organizations that promote financial independence, job creation and economic recovery in the Tohoku region. These efforts have already started producing results. They have led to the creation of new businesses and have enabled high school students in the devastated areas to pursue their dreams. UNIQLO employees also personally participated in recovery assistance initiatives by volunteering their time and by helping out at work experience programs, career training seminars and other educational programs that were held for the benefit of high school students in Fukushima prefecture.

Participating NGOs



International NGO JEN promotes self-reliance and provides daily assistance and mental-health care in the city of Ishinomaki. It is particularly focused on providing help in hard-to-reach areas such as inner-city residential neighborhoods, the Oshika Peninsula and the former city of Kitakami-machi.

Planet Finance Japan

Planet Finance Japan IMAGE

PlaNet Finance Japan used its microfinance expertise to set up a fund to support small businesses and contribute to the ongoing economic recovery in areas affected by the disaster.

ADRA Japan


ADRA Japan is based in Yamamoto, Miyagi Prefecture, on the border of Fukushima Prefecture, It is one of the few NGOs operating in Fukushima. It provides support to victims of the disaster, including individuals who were forced to evacuate from their homes to other parts of Fukushima Prefecture due to the nuclear accident.



As an NGO, IVY embraced the challenge of creating jobs for victims of the disaster by starting a cash-for-work program in April 2011, under which IVY employed disaster victims for reconstruction activities.

Tohoku Relationship Capital

Tohoku Relationship Capital IMAGE

Tohoku Relationship Capital is a unique fund that was set up to support new initiatives to create ties between communities, rather than solely assisting with the recovery of local industries. This creates a ripple effect in the regional economy, under which companies and individuals work together while balancing commercial and social objectives.


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