UNIQLO Sustainability


UNIQLO (Fast Retailing Group) has adopted a new sustainability mission statement, "Unlocking the Power of Clothing". With a focus on products, supply chain, employees, stores and communities, we will change the world for the better through our business.


Unlocking The Power of Clothing.

We believe we can turn the power of clothing into a force for good.
By designing, making and selling good clothing,
we can make the world a better place.

Good clothing means simple clothing, high in quality, and built to last.
It's clothing that enriches the lives of people
who wear it by giving them comfort, protection and pleasure.


It is produced in a way that is harmonious with nature,
without excessive burden on the environment.
Good clothing is made by people of diverse backgrounds
working with energy and enthusiasm, under conditions
where their health, safety and human rights are respected and upheld.

And we will extend this same spirit to our customers and all our stakeholders,
working with them to aspire to a better society where we all thrive.
This is our promise: to always work toward a better, more sustainable society.


Stores and Communities
We give back to communities through our All-Product Recycling Initiative, in which we collect articles of clothing in our stores. Other efforts by our stories include educational programs and initiatives to reduce environmental impacts.
We are committed to creating functional and high quality clothing, selecting the best materials, while considering the environment.
Supply Chain
We will build strong ties with business partners and factories, eliminate all waste in manufacturing, and minimize our environmental impact.
We respect the human rights of employees working at our group, advance their careers and abilities, and create a company with diversity and rich talent.


長場 雄 Yu Nagaba (Illustrator)

Artist’s Voice

"Through illustrations, I am honored to be working with UNIQLO again, this time to communicate Fast Retailing’s sustainability initiatives. I have worked with UNIQLO for UT, during which time I was surprised to see how high the quality of details, from body to embroidery to print, was for a price range accessible to so many people.
Delivering good quality yet sustainable products to as many people as possible is an indispensable element to changing society for the better. I hope to see these initiatives produce positive changes in the future."


Illustrator, Artist. Nagaba's works are characterized by simple line drawings that capture a person’s characteristics. In addition to one illustration he produces each day as his private work, he works in a wide range of fields, including advertisements, books, and collaborations with apparel brands. His main works include cover illustrations for POPEYE magazine and train manners posters for Tokyo Metro.