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UNIQLO Sustainability

Support Activities in 2011

In close to a year, UNIQLO donated about 1.2 million articles of clothing as emergency aid. These contributions have been valued at 3.29 billion yen, including clothing and monetary donations from customers.

Customer Donations: 260 million yen

FR gave donations from its customers throughout the world to the Red Cross Society in Japan and other nations. FR would like to express its sincere gratitude to everyone who donated.

FR donated the proceeds from sales of SAVE JAPAN! T-shirts to the Japanese Red Cross Society: 130 million yen

The SAVE JAPAN! website was launched immediately following the Great East Japan Earthquake to provide area-specific relief and aid information. In response to appeals by Vogue Japan and GQ Japan (published by the Condé Nast Group, a corporate sponsor of the website), UNIQLO started selling a line of T-shirts featuring inspirational messages from artists throughout the world. It donated 130 million yen of the proceeds from the T-shirt sales to the Japanese Red Cross Society.


Momokaki Orphans Fund (Support for Orphaned Children): 230 million yen

The Momokaki Great East Japan Earthquake Orphan Scholarship Fund was established to provide support to children who were orphaned by the earthquake. In support of the fund’s goals, Fast Retailing Chairman, President and CEO Tadashi Yanai signed on as one of the founding members of this association. UNIQLO has given it 230 million yen in aid, generated from donations of 100 yen for each item sold at UNIQLO stores throughout Japan.

Clothing Assistance: 1.06 billion yen (1.2 million items)

Immediately after the earthquake, FR employee volunteers directly handed out clothing to people who were affected by the disaster, focusing on essentials such as undergarments. In all, 1.2 million items (worth 1.06 billion yen) were distributed.

Donations from Business Partners: 130 million yen

Fast Retailing Group's business partners generously donated 130 million yen, in addition to 20,000 items such as blankets.

Donations to the Japanese Red Cross and NGOs: 1.3 billion yen

Fast Retailing Group donated 300 million yen and Chairman, President and CEO Tadashi Yanai personally donated 1 billion yen.

Employee Donations: 180 million yen

Fast Retailing Group employees from all over the world donated approximately 180 million yen.


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