• What is it like wearing a bratop? Ask our customers
six UNIQLO bratops on hangers

What is it like wearing a bratop? Ask our customers

Apr 04, 2022 LifeWear
Say goodbye to uncomfortable underwires and visible bra straps
A bra and a top all in one: our bratops are tank tops and vests with built-in support. You may have tried something similar in the past; such as camisoles most often designed for sleeping, with an extra layer of fabric on the inside and an elasticated band. These offer minimal support and aren’t really designed for all-day wear. Our bratops are a little different. While still including an extra layer on the inside of the top, they also include supportive cups to provide comfort and reassurance.

We wanted to create tops that give the support of a bra, without the discomfort of underwires or any visible straps that might disrupt the line of an outfit, or fall off a shoulder. We designed a variety of styles and shapes with the aim of creating different tops that are smooth enough to be worn as innerwear under sheer tops or knitwear, but provide enough coverage and support that they can be worn alone.

We’re so pleased with how much our customers seem to love them; one even proclaimed ‘Ditch your bra’! So why are they so popular?

Comfortable wireless bra support

Our customers love the comfort and support of a built-in bra. A fan of the AIRism Cotton Blend Cropped Fit Ribbed Bratop wrote ‘I love the built in bra as it's very comfortable. I've just placed another order with two more colours!’

woman wearing UNIQLO Seamless Cropped Camisole Bratop and Ultra Stretch Active Breathable Shorts
Shop the look: Seamless Cropped Camisole Bratop and Ultra Stretch Active Breathable Shorts

Easy layering as smooth vests and tank tops

Our bratops are designed to work just as well as innerwear as they do when worn alone, fitting closely to the body to provide a smooth line under your clothes. One customer described how, when wearing our AIRism Seamless V Neck Camisole Bratop, ‘the material feels like a second skin’. Another described our AIRism Camisole Bratop as ‘the perfect thing to wear under sheer clothing or any clothing at all for a smooth silhouette’.

Versatile tops, perfect for yoga or working from home

woman wearing UNIQLO AIRism Cotton Ribbed Sleeveless Bratop and Easy Flared Trousers
Shop the look: AIRism Cotton Ribbed Sleeveless Bratop and Easy Flared Trousers

Ease of wear is another reason our customers love bratops so much. A repeat purchaser of the AIRism Cotton Ribbed Sleeveless Bratop wrote ‘I love the convenience of wearing such garments’, while a fan of the of the AIRism Sleeveless Bratop declared: ‘This is the most comfortable bra/vest I’ve ever purchased. In fact after buying one a month ago I’ve brought 6 more and chucked my old bras. The fit is great and streamlines - no unwanted bulges back or front! Thank you Uniqlo for producing such an amazing product. Please don’t discontinue this line.’

It’s great that our bratops are so popular and that people find them comfortable and easy to wear. Perhaps you’re wondering what kind of settings our customers wear bratops. Another fan of the AIRism Sleeveless Bratop described them as: ‘Ideal for everyday wear; working out, lounging or wearing under a t-shirt or dress. So much better than an uncomfortable bra! Great fit too’, while another said that it made a ‘Wonderful vest option especially in the summer when wearing a separate bra can get sweaty.’ One customer said that a bratop is ‘great for working at home and for yoga. Comfortable and supportive, gives a good shape under other tops’, while another even said ‘I wear it for jogging, under jumpers in the winter and as a summer top with jeans or shorts. It doesn’t need ironing, dries quickly and doesn’t crease. It is so comfortable you can sleep in it, and the integrated bra gives me enough support for daily activities. Highly recommended.’

We have also had customers tell us that they have found bratops particularly valuable after injury or surgery. One said ‘I bought three of these tops after breaking my arm and being unable to wear a bra. I can step into them unaided and they are both comfortable and stylish. I am really pleased with them.’

UNIQLO Relax Bra Camisole Top
Relax Bra Camisole Top

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