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  • Women's bra tops

    A bra and a top all in one: our bra tops are tank tops and vests with built-in support. Our bra tops include an extra layer on the inside of the top that features supportive cups to provide comfort and reassurance. We wanted to create tops that give the support of a bra, without the discomfort of underwires or any visible straps that might disrupt the line of an outfit, or fall off a shoulder - such as when wearing a bra with a tank top. We designed a variety of styles and shapes with the aim of creating different tops that are smooth enough to be worn as an inner layer under sheer tops or knitwear, but provide enough coverage and support that they can be worn alone. Discover camisole bra top styles, as well as a plunge top with a built-in bra, in a range of colours. Try a timeless black bra top, or classic white bra top - perfect for layering under a shirt or knit.

    bra tops


    Discover bratops from UNIQLO. Choose from tank tops and vests with built in support.