Jan 19, 2020 LifeWear
You might have noticed that we’ve been shaking up our sustainability initiatives to find more ways to become more environmentally friendly, especially when it comes to the fabrics we’re using to create our clothing. From responsibly sourcing the Down in our jackets to transitioning to more ethical Rayon, we’re dedicated to decreasing our footprint and finding alternatives, while still bringing you the same high-quality, long-lasting products.

We use a lot of cotton to create our clothing as it's soft, breathable and versatile but cotton production can cause environmental harm due to the use of pesticides and large volumes of water. We are making efforts to be more sustainable in this area, including partnering with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI*) to improve cotton farming globally. ‘The Better Cotton Initiative(BCI) exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in, and better for the sector’s future. The Better Cotton Initiative(BCI) connects people and organisations throughout the cotton sector, from field to store, to promote measurable and continuing improvements for the environment, farming communities and the economies of cotton producing areas.

By joining the Better Cotton Initiative, UNIQLO is committed to sourcing exclusively from BCI* certified plantations. By 2025, all of our cotton will be procured from sustainable sources. You can find out more about the organisation here, or you can head back to our blog to learn more about our other sustainable initiatives here.