• The story behind our viscose

The story behind our viscose

Jan 08, 2020 LifeWear
Here at UNIQLO, we’re constantly striving to improve our sustainability initiatives and part of this revolves around re-evaluating our clothes and the materials we use to create them.

It’s no surprise that products like paper and wood come from forests, but it’s less widely known that man-made fabrics like viscose also originate from trees, which is why we’re assessing our approach to how we source these materials.

With this in mind, UNIQLO is focusing on a few important areas to further our ongoing commitment to protecting the world’s forests. This includes sourcing from responsibly managed areas, educating our employees around these issues and aiming to find alternative fabrics we could use instead. We’ll also be looking to work with initiatives that avoid rare forest types and help support forest conservation.

We’re committed towards the following:

1. Assess and map our existing use of forest materials and eliminate sourcing from endangered species’ habitats and ancient and endangered forests.
2. Work to eliminate sourcing from companies that are illegally logging forests, from areas being logged in contravention of indigenous and local peoples’ rights, and any other controversial suppliers.
3. Should we learn that any of our forest materials are being sourced from ancient and endangered forests, endangered species’ habitats or through illegal logging, we will investigate our supply chain, engage our suppliers to change practices, and/or re-evaluate our relationship with them.
4. We've aligned these commitments with the non-profit organisation Canopy who collaborates with brands and retailers to ensure that their supply chains are free of ancient and endangered forests. We'll continue to work with Canopy and our suppliers to support collaborative and visionary solutions that protect remaining ancient and endangered forests.

This easy-to-care for, wrinkle-resistant material is ideal for everything from work to the weekend, so we’re looking forward to making sure we’re delivering a more eco-friendly and sustainable fabric for you to enjoy. If you'd like to learn more about what other sustainable steps we're taking, you can read about our responsible down commitment here and our fundraising work here.
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