Designer Interview

Designer Interview

We spoke to Jonathan Anderson about the inspiration and the concept behind the 2022 Fall/Winter collection.

How do you feel about this season which will mark the 5th anniversary for UNIQLO and JW ANDERSON collaboration? Can you share any memorable episodes from these years?

Over the years with each collection, we’ve developed this really collaborative relationship with Uniqlo that’s interesting to see evolve. Any good collaboration has to involve a meeting of two minds or two brands, with the blend or tension of the codes from both sides. It’s a challenge but the teams work together and we can see the elements of JW Anderson applied into the framework of Uniqlo. Uniqlo can tick boxes globally – I really admire that. I find Mr. Yanai and his vision so inspiring.

This season’s design inspiration is “British Modern,” with nods to its connection to architecture. Can you tell us a bit more about this?

There are some great examples of modern British architecture that served as inspiration for this season – mainly those that have a stripped back, minimalist sensibility. There’s simplicity but also attention to detail that we wanted to convey in the collection, that comes from the design codes of architectural minimalism.


This collection is much more minimal compared to previous seasons. What was the thinking behind this?

For this particular season, we wanted to refine our approach to clothing.

What is your favorite piece from the collection?

My favourite piece is the padded coat in tobacco color.

How do you manage all of your design/creation for your own label, LOEWE, UNIQLO and JW ANDERSON among others every season? What is the most challenging aspect?

I tend to think of projects and seasons like chapters in a year. Working between two brands, they both address different areas of the market and have different needs which helps in differentiating them. It keeps them separate. Then through collaborating, we’re able to branch out further and consider an even wider audience to design for. It keeps me inspired.

During the first launch of this collaboration in 2017, you mentioned that -“For me, the point of doing this collaboration is that I believe in democracy in fashion, and I hope that people of all ages can pick up and find something within the collection to relate to.” How did this “Fashion for all” affect your design process or creation?

Working with Uniqlo is a great opportunity to dress a global audience, it’s a broader demographic and it makes you think differently. People can really have a personal relationship with the brand. I wear the brand myself all the time, there are so many great staples. The designs are accessible, showing attention to details and quality which truly set them apart.