Cigarette Jeans were released
by Jeans Innovation Center
based in Los Angeles

Jeans Innovation Center launched in Los Angeles in 2016 - Collaboration with J BRAND has begun to continually develop comfortable and trendy jeans,
where Cigarette Jeans were born filled with fascinations of the home of jeans, Los Angeles.

“New form of Skinny:
Cigarette Jeans”

In the pursuit of jeans that make each and every woman’s legs look beautiful,
Cigarette Jeans were created
as skinny not too slim based on a novel feeling.
Straighter and longer,
they are natural but fashionable.
They bring in the atmosphere of Los Angeles to your daily life.



"I like its comfort that makes me active and its prewashed fabric at the cutting edge. I’d like to wear it even every day, with sneakers on holiday and with heels at night. The design goes so well with this city where urban and nature are coexisting."

They are not so tight like usual Skinny.
But they are not so rough like Wide.
Cigarette Jeans released by Jeans Innovation Center
in Los Angeles are new type of skinny jeans
that makes you feel the trend of the times.



"High rise gives me a very classical impression. They make my legs look long and beautiful and fit quite well with my wardrobe because I prefer chic styles. With its proper stretching function, the jeans provide supreme comfort." - MARY

Rough but cool.
The silhouette expressing
elation overflowing in the city
and laid‐back atmosphere
will surely fit
chic style as well.



"Cigarette Jeans with moderate looseness below the knees have an outstanding silhouette that combines good points of Skinny and Boyfriend Denim. I can relax in my favorite park as well." - AMRITA

Both when I want to wear nicely
and when I want to relax,
the soft cotton fabric
and the skinny style not too slim
give me a natural and beautiful look.
These are the jeans I want to wear every day.



"Jeans are a symbol of CASUAL CALIFORNIA. That's why I wear them every day. The design that makes my leg lines so beautiful is amazing. Its elegant atmosphere looks good on every woman" - KALINA

The comfortable fit that makes you feel
as if you were wearing them for a long time is
a result of our sheer persistence.
They will make you feel good at any moment.
This silhouette is
the easiest for women to wear.

“The tube-like silhouette makes
your legs look slimmer and longer”



Below the knees, they have straight & just length.
Rather slim skinny fit with not extremely tight silhouette have realized coexistence of comfort and femininity.
Its high rise also has an excellent effect to make your legs look longer.


Noriko Hamasaki,
Jeans Innovation Center, Los Angeles

The straight design below the knees covers the shape of legs more beautifully than general skinny. The soft denim with proper fit makes every woman’s legs look longer and slimmer. I also focused on the fading to give them a well lived-in look. A pair of jeans that bring the relaxing atmosphere of Los Angeles to you.