A special collaborative collection for women, created in partnership between UNIQLO and Ines de la Fressange Paris, a fashion icon that represents Parisian chic.

Designing around the theme of "Luxurious clothing and beyond,” we continue to offer essentials for women based on the idea that beauty is found in everyday life; in the things around us. UNIQLO has collaborated with several notable designers, but this collection is a collaboration with one who is also a true customer. Taking inspiration from the clothes Ines herself chooses to wear, we pursued clothes that make every woman feel better, look beautiful, and that we ourselves would want to wear. The exquisite balance of each detail, such as the height of the waist, the opening of the neckline, and the fit, is perfected through repeated fittings with Ines.

The Parisian-chic aesthetic sense and style that Ines advocates intrinsic simplicity by expresses one’s outlook without being caught up in price or brand names. It’s an ideal wardrobe that embodies the desire to mix everything from a different genre, from luxury to vintage, while remaining comfortable and easy to enjoy.

This collaboration began in 2014 and is now in its 15th season. It is a collection of LifeWear that UNIQLO's design director, Naoki Takizawa, infused with Ines' unique perspective.

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