Wardrobe Essentials

Evolving to meet your basic needs. The role of clothes is changing with our changing lives. These eleven wardrobe essentials have you covered, whether you’re at home or downtown.

Item: 1Linen Blend Top & Bottom,
Cotton Shirt

Our choice of fabrics is key. The classic double-breasted jacket and pleated pants blend a slubbed, supple linen with silky-soft rayon. The dazzling white shirt, made from 100% cotton, is free of dyes and has a pure, innocent beauty. Natural fabrics make them soothing to the touch. This season, become acquainted with a new side of your personality.

Item: 2Utility Parka

Stylish items have a fine way of concealing clever features. This unassuming parka is not in your face about design. Cinching up the waist gives it a shapely silhouette and a more elevated style. The water-repellent hood lays just right on the shoulders, framing the face. The body is relaxed, for a refined, grown up appearance. Good style is about having room to breathe.

  • Utility Parka $99.90
  • Cotton Oversized T-Shirt $29.90 (Coming Soon)
  • Uniqlo U Curved Jeans $79.90 (Coming Soon)

Item: 3Oxford Striped Shirt

An oxford shirt adapts to different situations. It can be buttoned up for a professional look or tossed on like a jacket, suiting your daily needs. For increased durability, the weft uses a special kind of supple thread, giving the shirt a luxe feel. An item that improves with age. This is an essential that you’ll want to have in regular rotation.

Item: 4Bucket Bag

Japanese elegance meets Western sensibility. Blending aesthetics freshens the most commonplace of items. This bucket bag takes a cue from traditional Japanese money pouches. With a glossy nylon shell and a sturdy lining of padded nonwoven fabric, this bag will add a bold and classy accent to your wardrobe. Carry like a clutch for a chic look, or sling over the shoulder and you’re off and running. The perfect balance of East and West.

  • Uniqlo U Bucket Bag $49.90 (Coming Soon)

Item: 5AirSense Pants, AirSense Jacket

Basics evolve to meet our changing needs. This two-button jacket, in a cool beige, has classic notched lapels. Styled for a tailored look, it’s incredibly soft and light. The cottonlike fabric has just the right amount of stretch and breathability, keeping you fresh all day long. Wrinkle resistant for easy care, it works great as a comfortable alternative to the average suit. The breezy beige is perfect for our cultural moment.

Item: 6One-Piece Dress with Printed Floral Pattern

Daily life is full of surprises. This printed dress is ready for those special moments. Like a warm spring breeze, the vibrant colours and varied floral patterns make everything feel brighter. The gathered waistline gives it a flattering fit. Soft viscose rayon ensures an elegant drape. Pair with sandals on a warm day for sweet simplicity.

  • Printed V Neck Flare Dress (colour shown not available in Australia) $79.90 (Coming Soon)

Item: 7Washable Soft Knit

Knit items warm the soul. Surrounded by their softness, we feel a peaceful comfort. The best clothes for relaxing make you feel stylish too. This crewneck low-gauge knit is refined and expressive, with just the right amount of bounce. Draped over a chair, it’s like a work of art and since it’s machine washable, you don’t need to worry about it losing shape. Simple care is an essential for today.

  • Washable Soft Knit Crew Neck Sweater $49.90 (Coming Soon)

Item: 8Selvedge Regular Fit Jeans

If you’re going to use authentic denim, you may as well go premium. Selvedge denim has a red line on the seam of the fabric, visible when the cuff is rolled. Because it’s made on old-fashioned looms, it has a natural expressiveness. Not too skinny or too loose, this basic silhouette looks great with no belt and a tucked-in shirt. This denim breaks in with repeated wear, something to look forward to.

Item: 9Cotton Baggy Pants, Regular Fit Chino Pants

Standard items have a certain draw that never fades. With roots in military clothing, these chinos have a basic fit that looks great on anyone, updated for today. The baggy pants have a defined waist and a wider, straighter fit through the leg. These basics go well with a comfy pair of casual shoes. An authentic item is best when it is simple and functional.


  • Soft Cotton Striped Round Hem T-Shirt (*This product is not available in Australia.)
  • Cotton Baggy Pants $59.90


Item: 10Jersey Overshirt Jacket

The plain appearance and rugged functionality of workwear is also changing with the times. This jacket sports iconic details like symmetrical flap pockets. For the fabric, we’ve used an athletic jersey cloth that has a stretchy, easy fit. The authentic style of a classic jacket with the comfort of a button-up. Its modern silhouette fits any kind of body, in a genderless style.

  • Over Shirt Jacket (Jersey) $79.90 (Coming Soon)

Item: 11Single Breasted Coat

A good coat will reveal itself in candid moments. As you pause on the sidewalk, the long cut of this A-shaped coat drapes in line with the single row of buttons. The unfussy design strikes an optimed balance. A tall one-piece collar slopes down towards the front, gently complementing the neckline. This coat highlights your personality. Made for the long haul.

Photography by Julien T. Hamon
Styling & Text by UNIQLO
Hair & Makeup by Ralph Martinoli (Callisteagency)
Coordination by Masae Takanaka
Special thanks to Marc Beauge (l’étiquette)
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