Melbourne Magic

Melbourne, renowned for its art and coffee, is the second biggest city in Australia. This cultured centre offers a unique perspective on the good life.


Part 1 Slow and Mellow in the Yarra Valley

Small town, small team, big passion

About an hour’s drive from Melbourne, in the wine growing region of Yarra Valley, is a little town called Healesville. At a favourite local restaurant called No.7 Healesville, opened in 2019, you’ll find modern Mexican paired with homemade natural wine, made from grapes grown with love. The manager, Spike, and the head chef, Joel, run the place with a small and passionate team. But as busy as it gets, the crew maintains a high morale. Sometimes after closing, they’ll crack open a bottle of their latest wine. This place feels like you’re visiting a friend’s house, thanks to the camaraderie of the staff. Around the corner there’s an old church turned into a neighbourhood cafe and a cute little flower shop, full of smiles, the whole town open and warm.

Healesville is dotted with wineries and distilleries. Pictured here is No.7 Healesville, housed in a converted factory. From left: Chef Joel in a smart hickory-stripe shirt; Maddie, in jeans; Kiri, in a lovely shirt dress; and Spike, the manager, wearing a bright persimmon sweater.

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No.7 Healesville

7 Lilydale Rd, Healesville VIC 3777, Australia

Thinking up new menus is a group effort. No.7’s modern Mexican fare uses fresh herbs and incorporates ideas from other cuisines.

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The restaurant serves their homegrown natural wine as well as selected bottles from over the world. “Each bottle has a story behind it, waiting to be told. We’re passionate about spreading the word,” says Kiri.

The Yarra Valley is a popular spot for day trips from Melbourne. Aisya, who works at a department store in the city, came here on the weekend seeking fresh air. Her sheer cardigan and turquoise pleated dress and pants are the picture of freshness.

Ben, founder of boutique soft drink company Yumbo Soda Co. and younger brother of Spike, splits his time between the lively inner Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy North and the rolling hills of the Yarra Valley-bringing his dog Ernie with him everywhere he goes. His olive green linen shirt looks great against the sprawling lemon orchard.

Yumbo Soda Co.

Part 2 Coffee Breaks, Melbourne Style

Melburnian insights on the art of daily life

People think of Australia as a place of bright sun and blue sky, but Melbourne weather can be shifty. Hot and sunny one minute, chilly rain the next. It’s said the unreliable weather played a role in the development of all the galleries, theatres and other indoor culture in the city. This is also ground zero for cafe culture in Australia. The British first arrived in the 18th century, bringing their tea culture with them. But after World War II huge numbers of Italians arrived, and with them came cafes. Ever since, Melbourne has emphasised the coffee break. What we might call an espresso is referred to as a “short black,” while something dubbed “the magic” is like a stronger double shot caffè latte. Countless creatives have been so charmed by this unique sensibility they up and moved here. Perhaps coffee time is Melbourne’s way of carving out a bit of paradise in what could turn into a rainy day at a second’s notice.

Abby, twenty-five, is a Melburnian knit artist. She makes custom knit vests tailored to each person’s style, and even hand-delivers them when possible. On the day of our visit, she wore a versatile washable knit great for lounging or working.

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Best friends Sylvie (left) and Abby, stepping out for dinner. Great companions, they each wear linen blend items suited to their styles. “I went for a clean look today,” says Abby, “with the green cardigan across my shoulders for an accent.”



Best friends Sylvie (left) and Abby, stepping out for dinner. Great companions, they each wear linen blend items suited to their styles. “I went for a clean look today,” says Abby, “with the green cardigan across my shoulders for an accent.”

“I learned knitting from my mother. I have lots of different jumpers, but I love when they’re expressive, like this one.” Alongside her work as a knit artist, Abby is studying psychology and planning to become a clinical psychologist for children.

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Sylvie, twenty-six, is an avid reader. She works as an interior architect and furniture designer for cafes and shops. Her favourite architect is John Pawson, the British designer known for his minimalist works. “The weather’s nice, so I’ve been reading in the park. This sweatshirt has a washed denim look that goes great with blue jeans.”

Haftom, in an eye-catching mustard yellow coach jacket, works at a UNIQLO store in suburban Melbourne. Today, he’s passing the illustrious Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar on his way to meeting up with a friend.

Here’s Sylvie on a Sunday morning, walking in a tie-dye nylon parka and sweat pants. When Melburnians run into a friend, they’re likely to stop for a chat, holding a latte. They put great stock in these quiet little moments in the day.


Photography by Gen Kay
Styling by Tomoko Iijima
Hair & Makeup by Karen Burton
Production assistance by Kristine Walker
Text by UNIQLO
Special thanks to Visit Victoria

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