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  • Photography by Jack Orton
  • Styling by Naoki Ikeda Hair by Naoki Komiya
  • Makeup by Natsumi Narita and Makoto Tsunoda
  • Coordination & Casting by Tatsuo Hino Text by UNIQLO

"London is a bastion of tradition and counterculture. The style of this grand city, where UNIQLO opened its first shop overseas, has greatly influenced our efforts to create new classics for today. What follows are fourteen perspectives on life and clothing from those who call London home."

Lucy Kurrein

Furniture designer

Nearly every single big city in Europe has a wondrous river running through it. Lucy, a lively designer, has kept a studio on the north bank of the River Thames for years. “I’ve recently relocated to Paris, but walking around this area will always feel like home.” In London’s intermittent showers, a BLOCKTECH coat is the perfect way to stay dry.

Alex O’Neil

Director of Communications at White Cube

Alex looks after communications for White Cube, a contemporary art gallery known for hosting early solo exhibitions by such renowned British artists as Damien Hirst. She’s also an art lover who started her career at Tate Liverpool and has worked in galleries ever since. “Right now things are very busy, as we’re getting ready to launch a brand new gallery in New York in the new year, but every day’s a thrill.” This double-breasted jacket and flared jeans are the perfect pairing for a day at a gallery.

Brendan Murdock

Founder of anatomē
@brendanmurdock @anatomelondon

After opening several locations of the London-based Murdock Barbers, Brendan founded anatomē on Chiltern Street, an area of fashionable independent shops. “I’m always trying to help people’s sense of wellbeing, so they can feel happier, body and soul,” Brendan says, looking dapper in a Super 110s stretch wool suit outside his self-styled apothecary, which stocks essential oils, skincare, and supplements that promote relaxation.

  • Stretch Wool Jacket
  • Stretch Wool Trousers
  • Extra Fine Merino V Neck Cardigan
  • Easy Care Striped Shirt
  • Silk Knitted Tie
  • Colour Block Socks $5.90

Shabaka Hutchings

Saxophone Player, Leader of Sons of Kemet

Standing nearly two metres tall and wearing a 3XL cardigan and sweatshirt, Shabaka is a central figure of the burgeoning South London jazz scene, though he often performs as the leader of Sons of Kemet, formed in 2011. Shabaka met up with us on the day after his return from a North American tour. “At shows I mostly play the sax, but when I want to change the mood, I blow on this,” he says, picking up a shakuhachi from at least a hundred years ago that he acquired on a visit to Japan for Fuji Rock.

Arran Gregory & Adelya Larsson

Sculptural artist & yoga teacher
@arrangregory @adelya.larsson

Having come from a community of skaters, Arran never thought he’d become a sculptor. “I was fortunate to have a professor who encouraged me to follow that direction.” Arran’s work reflects on human’s animal instincts within nature using glass, wood, paint, and recently NFTs. He wears wide-legged work trousers regardless of whether he’s making art or off the clock. His life partner, Adelya, worked in apparel before switching to a career as a yoga instructor. She teaches students in their delightful living space.

  • DRY Sweatshirt $49.90
  • Cotton Turtleneck Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  • Flared Trousers
  • Cropped Blouson
  • 3D Knit Soufflé Crew Neck Jumper
  • Wide Fit Denim Work Trousers

Jody Hudson-Powell

Graphic Designer, Director of Pentagram

Jody is the director of Pentagram, one of the world’s premiere design firms. His work includes partnering with UNIQLO on installations and visuals for LifeWear Day, an exhibition held at London’s Somerset House in 2019. This soft, lightweight update on the duffle coat blends classic details with true warmth.
“Wearing a duffle coat as a kid, I remember getting into some scrapes, including one incident when I took a tumble down a well” says Jody, with a smile.

Calum Franklin

Executive chef

When asked how London has changed the most over the past ten years, most people’s answer is “food.” Now that Modern British cuisine has given traditional dishes gourmet status, mediocre flavours are a thing of the past. Chef Calum, an influential player in the food scene, serves up Modern British classics daily, focusing on savoury pies. He plans to open his own restaurant in the future. Calum makes a point of stocking the kitchen with products from his native Greenwich. Though at first glance his houndstooth balmacaan coat might look traditional, it’s been updated for a lighter feel.

Madeleine Gosling

Audio Maker, Co-Founder of Concept Object
@maddiegosling @concept.object

Sporting a short haircut reminiscent of the 1960s, Madeleine and her partner use reclaimed speaker parts to create upcycled, sustainable speaker cabinets. “It all started when I fixed up an old radio and fell in love with its sound,” says Madeleine, explaining what draws her to building audio equipment. “We had a listening party, using these speakers, and felt an amazing sense of togetherness. Sound has the power to connect us.”

Erica Dorn

Graphic Designer

Creating detailed graphics for set designs behind the scenes, Erica has produced graphics for Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs and The French Dispatch. On working with Anderson, she says he “sets the bar high every time, which makes it challenging, but getting through it gives the team a stronger collaborative spirit.” Shooting takes her overseas for extended stays, but once she’s done, she loves to unwind at her local pub. This trench coat updates the iconic British classic with a roomy silhouette and gabardine made from a lightweight cotton blend, for a pared-down modern look.

  • Trench Coat
  • Viscose Printed Blouse
  • Extra Fine Merino Ribbed Turtleneck Jumper
  • Stretch Fitted Midi Skirt
  • Socks (3 Pairs) $14.90

Hal Haines

Ceramicist, illustrator, photographer

Situated on the sprawling 120-hectare grounds of Kew Gardens, this curvaceous bridge, titled “Lake Crossing,” was designed by John Pawson, whose conversation with us is featured in this issue. For the past two years, designer Hal Haines has been living in his hometown in east Essex, where he decorates his ceramics with original illustrations. “I’m often inspired by plant life and the colours found in nature, so I’ve been wanting to return to Kew for a while,” says Hal, pictured here in a navy pea coat that looks great with a slim pair of blue jeans.

Grant Wilkinson & Teresa Rivera

Founders of Wilkinson & Rivera

Using time-honoured techniques to cut and curve their materials, husband-and-wife duo Grant and Teresa are the creators behind Wilkinson & Rivera, a handmade furniture collaboration that stands out for its rippled wooden forms. “There’s a great sense of craftsmanship community here,” they say of Blackhorse Workshop, the public studio where they make their wares, “but we’re always influencing one another and available to lend a hand. It’s great to be a part of such an inclusive space.” Teresa’s open-front cardigan has a 3D cut that gently curves toward the hem and features rounded, spacious sleeves.


Rio Kobayashi

Furniture designer

Rio’s plaid blue shirt jacket and matching argyle socks fit in nicely with the decor of his apartment, where several of his works are on display. He builds this furniture from wood at his studio a five-minute bike ride away. The stool in the foreground is noteworthy for its unique and subtle reference to Mikado, a game popular in Europe featuring coloured bamboo sticks. “My parents got me into making things from an early age,” says Rio, who’s lately been experimenting with glass.

Erchen Chang

Creative director and co-founder of BAO

Started by Erchen as a food stall, BAO (which means "enwrap" in Chinese) has now expanded to five locations, but Erchen still designs all of the visuals, including menus and the signage pictured here. At her restaurant near King’s Cross station, an area transformed by massive redevelopment, she drew inspiration from Tokyo’s Hotel Okura, which she visited on a trip to Japan. “UNIQLO is an absolute essential to my wardrobe,” Erchen says. “They make the comfiest and lightest garments for everyday wear.”

  • Wool Blend Short Coat
  • Extra Fine Merino Ribbed Turtleneck Jumper
  • Stretch Fitted Midi Skirt
  • HEATTECH Socks (2 Pairs)

Olivia Jankowska & Zaineb Abelque

Photographers, co-founders of ATHENE CLUB
@livjank @zainebzeeee

“The UNIQLO and MARNI collab is the best. Just the other day, I took the pocketable parka on a hike,” says Zaineb, who together with Olivia runs ATHENE CLUB, a hiking group exclusively for women. “We wanted to breathe new life into this historically male-dominated world by making it easier for women of all kinds to enjoy the great outdoors, as a practice of empowerment.” The community they’ve built around this philosophy gathers new members online and is so popular it has a waiting list every time.

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