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Whether you’re headed into the office or out for a girl’s night on the town, women’s blouses keep a busy woman on the move. UNIQLO understands this, and for that reason that we offer blouses and shirts of all textures and styles so you can get to where you need to go without having to sacrifice your style.

For the busy working woman that can barely grab lunch most days, we offer easy-care rayon blouses that can be hung out to dry after washing and quick spin-drying. Most of the wrinkles will disappear, making it one less thing you have to think about during the day. The soft texture of rayon also adds a feminine feel so you really can have it all!For the more fashion-conscious woman, we offer a variety of blouses all with different textures and styles. From flannel to Oxford shirts and everything in between, we have something for you and your lifestyle.

Pair any of our blouses with denim or dress pants and you are ready to hit the town in an instant. Regardless of your style or lifestyle UNIQLO has you covered with feminine, quality, and easy to wear shirts and blouses made for your everyday life.