About Art for All

Art for All is a project that extends UNIQLO’s engagement with artists and accessible art products. Inspired by the artists Gilbert & George, who used the motto “Art for All” as their mission statement, the project documents the history of artists’ products from both artists who pioneered this medium and from an emerging artistic generation.

On January 20, Art for All launches in our New York flagship stores with a historical display of the art products created by the artists involved with the seminal 1980 Times Square Show and other art democratization activities. There will also be live screen-printing and an artist lecture over the course of the Art for All program. The mission of Art for All is to present artworks at an accessible location and at affordable prices so that everyone can participate in the art discourse.

About Jeffrey Deitch

A leading figure in New York’s contemporary art scene for over four decades, Deitch has built unparalleled knowledge and experience in his roles as promoter, curator, gallerist and writer. In 1980 Deitch helped to create The A. More Store in Soho, one of the first art products stores. At Deitch Projects, which operated from 1996 to 2010, he presented over 200 solo and thematic exhibitions and many public events. Deitch Projects was recognized as an incubator for careers of some of the most well-known artists of the past decade, including Cecily Brown, Barry McGee, Swoon and Tauba Auerbach.

In addition to its gallery exhibitions, Deitch Projects was known for its performance program and public events like the Art Parade. The gallery’s program is documented in Live the Art: Fifteen Years of Deitch Projects, published by Rizzoli in 2014. Deitch closed the gallery in 2010 to become Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, and during his three years at MOCA, he presented 50 exhibitions and projects including The Painting Factory and Art in the Streets, which had the highest attendance in the museum’s history. Deitch also initiated the first museum YouTube channel, MOCA TV. Deitch reopened his New York gallery in 2016. He continues to support young artists while also presenting exhibitions by more established artists like Ai Weiwei.

When & Where

Tom Otterness,
Jane Dickson & Charlie Ahearn
Live Screen Printing Event

Selection of Available Products

Ai Weiwei Sunflower Seeds Handkerchief This cotton handkerchief by Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei shows a detailed image taken of an installation made up of ten million unique porcelain sunflower seeds. Each seed was individually sculpted and painted by specialists working in small-scale workshops in the Chinese city of Jingdezhen. 100% lawn cotton with hand-rolled edges. $39.90
David Korty Ceramic Dice Six hand-made ceramic dice by California artist David Korty, with custom carrying bag and instructions for game ""Mr. Natural"". On a 'Mr. Natural' binge one might encounter virtually no end to observations and epiphanies,
highs and lows, and triumphs and defeats. —David Korty for THE THING Quarterly Issue 23
Martha Cooper NYC Postcards 16 postcards of Martha Cooper's very own New York City including iconic photos from her famous books Subway Art, Hip Hop Files and Street Play, and as well as previously unpublished images from her marvelous archives from 1978–2010. $14.90
A Book About Colab (and Related Activities) Edited by Max Schumann, Director of Printed Matter, and with a Foreword and Afterword by art writer and Colab member Walter Robinson, the book traces the output of Collaborative Projects Inc. (aka Colab), the highly energetic gathering of young New York downtown artists active from the late 1970s through the mid 1980s. 256 pages in full color. $39.90
John Fekner Danger Live Artists Poster Exclusive limited edition poster of Danger Live Artists by John Fekner for Art For All. The stenciled work is a detail of his wall-size installation at Fashion Moda in the South Bronx in 1980, made with spray paint on wall and painted plastic strips. Printed by 1xRUN, Edition of 30. $34.90
Keiichi Tanaami Monograph Book Keiichi Tanaami was a protagonist of Japan’s postwar avant-garde, and one of the first Japanese artists to successfully blend art and commerce. A trip to New York in 1968 provided a transformative encounter with Andy Warhol. Including collage, painting, silkscreen prints and animation, Keiichi Tanaami: Killer Joe's Early Times 1965–73 constitutes a catalogue raisonné of Tanaami’s outstanding early work of the 60s and 70s. 350 pages with 250 in color. $69.90
Barry McGee Water Bottles The renowned San Francisco-based artist Barry McGee is an old friend of Cinelli, and they developed these water bottles for McGee's exhibiiton at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Boston. For collectors and funky riders, you'll drink all-in-a-gulp! 24oz, Made in Italy. $7.90 each
Claw Money Pins Pins from Claudia ""Claw"" Gold. Claudia's unsanctioned art career dates back to 1989, when her CLAW tag became a ubiquitous fixture of NYC's urban sprawl. Having long since abandoned her former ways, Claudia now stands as a recognized artist, influencer, fashion editor, author and designer. Pins from Claudia ""Claw"" Gold. Claudia's unsanctioned art career dates back to 1989, when her CLAW tag became a ubiquitous fixture of NYC's urban sprawl. Having long since abandoned her former ways, Claudia now stands as a recognized artist, influencer, fashion editor, author and designer. $9.90 each
Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari Tray The image featured on this melamine tray by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari are taken from Toilet Paper, the duos provocative, image-only magazine turned product purveyor. Durable lipstick tray is dishwasher safe. $34.90
Puzzle by Fred Tomaselli 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle features the 2010 work Night Music for Raptors by Fred Tomaselli. Seductive and playful, cosmic and psychedelic, Tomaselli's work draws in the viewer to be lost in its mesmerizing imagery which makes for an intense and rewarding puzzle experience. $29.90
ESPO Greeting Card FOREVER TOGETHER fan-folded greeting card featuring the artist's mural from Baltimore, in a hand screen-printed envelope. One of Powers hallmarks is graphic lettering, which he often incorporates into his murals around the world. These murals are like love letters to the cities in which they reside. I AM HERE BECAUSE IT'S HOME. GIVE THANKS to the people that make your neighborhood and your world. $19.90
Limited Edition Patches Limited edition iron-on patches designed by Kenny Scharf, Sheryo & Yok, and Skewville for Art For All. $2.90 each
Original Times Square Show Poster The Colab Times Square Show held in an abandoned massage parlor in 1980 fused downtown and uptown energies inspired by Forty Deuce. Working with Jane Dickson's iconic 3 Card monte drawing, Charlie Ahearn silk screened the posters in the Times Square Show building during the first week. Display Only
Jane Dickson Original Times Square Skull & Souvenir Fans Recognized for depictions of Times Square where she lived and worked from 1978 thru 2008, Dickson embraces the challenge of unusual surfaces materials. As part of Collaborative Projects she produced many hand painted artists multiples for Colab ""A. More Store"" holiday pop-up shops in art galleries. These included skull and souvenir view fans, inspired by her friendship with writer, Cookie Mueller (the only woman to ever solo there), at the legendary pioneering street art Lower East Side FUN gallery in 1982. Display Only
Christy Rupp Plaster Rats from 1970s It has been said that rats possess a culture—if you define culture as the ability to pass information through generations without direct experience—such as a fear of predators and pesticides. Humans and elephants are the only other species that can do that. —Christy Rupp Display Only
ALIFE Heavy, Volume 1 Released in 2003, HEAVY is a two-volume multi-media tribute to Rock ‘n Roll featuring 56 artists’ reinterpretation of classic Rock ’n Roll album covers. Directed by Tony Arcabascio, one of the four alife founding partners, HEAVY is the result of Arcabascio’s life-long love of Rock ‘n Roll and alife’s central position in the emerging contemporary art scene. HEAVY features art by: REAS, ESPO, JEST, ROSTARR, EASE, Shepard Fairey, Ryan McGinness, FUTURA and more. Display Only
Kiki Smith, Untitled (Severed Finger) Untitled (Severed Finger), 1980.
Two multiples of cast plaster with watercolor additions,
13/16 in. x 2-15/16 in. x 1/3/16 in.
Display Only
Kiki Smith Scarf Untitled (Severed Hands and Legs), 1980.
Multiple of screenprinted rayon scarf;
21-1/2 in. x 67-5/16 in.
Display Only
Kiki Smith Corrosive & Cave Girls Vintage T-Shirts Corrosive, 1980.
Multiple of screenprinted cotton and polyester T-Shirt,
30 in. x 29 1/2 in.
Cave Girls T-shirt , 1980.
Screenprinted T-Shirt.
Display Only

Please check back often for more information on Art for All,
as well as new art products for sale.

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