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There’s no need to be a hero in the cold winter months. Sure, you can look stylish in that thin wool peacoat, but when the temps drop into polar vortex levels of cold, you need serious outerwear. Luckily, UNIQLO has a wide variety of outerwear pieces that will keep you from freezing and look good, too.

Excellent protection from the cold is a must in most places with four seasons. You could try outerwear filled with down — these feathers insulate your body so you're protected from frigid winds and biting breezes. UNIQLO’s Japanese technology includes innovations like AirTech and HEATTECH, which offer amazing warmth in thin, stylish packages.

If you battle a lot of snow where you live, outerwear with a hood is your best bet — there’s no need for an umbrella. Get one that’s faux fur-trimmed for added protection against the wind and errant flakes. An Ultra Light Down coat is a great option for layering — place one under your wool peacoat for days that are particularly frigid, and You'll be armed against the cold.

If you're in the market for outerwear, look no further than UNIQLO. With an array of styles and degrees of warmth to choose from, outerwear selections from UNIQLO are fashionable and functional additions to your wardrobe.