Knits aren’t only for the fall and winter, they work throughout the year.
With so many colors and designs, you can find a favorite knit for every season.

1JanuarySouffle Yarn Cable
Crew Neck

Ring in the new year with a timeless cable knit. The wavy rope patterns date back to the sweaters Irish women made with love for their seafaring husbands. Updating traditional knit patterns, this sweater uses rich green yarn as soft as a souffle.

Crew Neck

Of all the natural fabrics, lambswool’s cozy warmth makes it the perfect fit for a cold winter day. This crewneck, a hit with kids and adults alike, gets cozier with every wear. Thanks to a roomy neckline, it fits great over shirts and turtlenecks.

Crew Neck

Squirrels adorn this brilliant pink sweater like something from a fairy tale. The knee-length box pleat skirt, which almost looks like a pair of culottes, pairs with a springlike pink Oxford shirt for a mischievous schoolgirl look.

  • Jacquard Long Sleeve Crew Neck Sweater (Coming Soon)
  • Oxford Long Sleeve Long Shirt (Coming Soon)
  • Cotton Midi Skirt (Coming Soon)
  • HEATTECH Anti-Odor Socks (Coming Soon)
  • Tote Bag (Coming Soon)

Milano Ribbed
Crew Neck

This Milano knit sweater uses a blend of cotton rayon and recycled polyester for a perfect fit. You can wear it like a sweatshirt or freshen it up with a pair of pants and sneakers. The machine washable fabric holds its shape and keeps care simple.

5MayExtra Fine Merino
Ribbed Polo

Merino wool is beloved as a versatile option no matter the season. This fall, UNIQLO offers the trademark rib knit in a polo cardigan. The gentle sheen of these bright red and camel sweaters gives this duo a touch of elegance. The relaxed fit follows the lines of the body.

6June3D Knit
Souffle Yarn

Spend your time at home relaxing in a breezy dolman sleeve bolero top. The unbothersome “SOUFFLE” yarn is soft against the skin. Thanks to the advanced in 3D knit technology, this sweater fits like it was made for you. Since there aren’t any seams, it comforms to your natural shape.

  • 3D Knit Souffle Yarn Cardigan $49.90
  • Ribbed Tank Top (*This product is not available in the US.)
  • Sweatpants (*This product is not available in the US.)

7JulyExtra Fine Merino
Crew Neck

Thin cardigans are a favorite of European summer styles. Superfine fibers measuring 19.5 microns, thinner than a human hair, give Merino wool superior color and sheen. Tossed over a plain white T-shirt, this bright blue cardigan instantly creates a nonchalant Parisienne mood.

V-Neck Vest

Try this loose-fitting V-neck in an all-brown summer outfit. This silky-smooth update to the lambswool sweater goes perfectly with a cool AIRism Cotton tee. Wide chinos and sandals dress it down, for a relaxed Boy Scout look complete with a neckerchief.

V Neck Vest

This knit vest has a nostalgic feel, like something you might pull out of your grandmother’s closet. The eyelets of the pointelle knit are balanced off by warmer popcorn stitches. With an expressive vest like this, you’ll be ready for the knitting club.


Cashmere is renowned for having the elegance of Merino and the warmth of lambswool. This season’s turtlenecks, in classic ecru and a brand-new burgundy, make quite the pair. Cashmere has a special warmth, like an old friendship.

Striped Sweater

Fluffy and warm, this lambswool sweater is the centerpiece to a navy-heavy French casual style. What really makes this waffle-like knit shine is the accent of the thin stripes. Don’t miss the side slits and the slightly longer back.

Argyle Sweater

The holidays are time for interesting sweaters. As fun as ugly ones can be, sometimes a classic style wins the day. Consider blending tartan check with argyle, for a Scottish trad experiment. These outfits work because of how they play with patterns.

  • Photography by Mitsuo Okamoto
  • Styling by Miyoko Okao
  • Hair & Makeup by Shinya Kawamura
  • Film by Amin Shaikh
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