Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary

Hello Kitty’s secret of being loved by fans all over the world.

Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary

Hello Kitty celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2024. In addition to a direct interview on the secret to her continued popularity with people around the world, we present congratulatory messages from Kitty fans in Harajuku and Asakusa.


Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary

What is the secret to being loved by so many people around the world?

I believe that saying "Hello!" to everyone is the first step to becoming friends with everyone around the world!

How can we become as cute as Kitty?

Wow, thank you! I'm so happy when you tell me that I'm cute! I think that being yourself is the key to being cute! Everyone is different and everyone is cute♡

Hello Kitty celebrates its 50th anniversary. What are your most memorable memories so far?

I have tried many things, but when I tried on a bee costume recommended by my friend, it was my first time to transform myself and I was very excited. When I tried on the Kogal fashion, I was very happy to be able to wear something that everyone liked.

What do you do on your days off?

On my days off, I practice piano or my mom teaches me how to make sweets.

What is the key point of today's fashion?

It's a gingham check ribbon that matches my dress.

Do you know UNIQLO? Which is your favorite T-shirt collaborated with UT?

Of course I know! I was very impressed with the UT collaboration because of all the wonderful designs with a different vibe to my usual look! Of course, this 70's inspired collaboration is also my favorite♡

What is your favorite song/dance?

The popcorn song "Hello Kitty" is my favorite song that cheers me up every time I hear it! I also love this collaborative project "Kitty's AR Filter". When you scan the QR code at the store, a dancing Kitty appears on the screens of everyone's smartphones along with the melody of "Hello Kitty"♪ Please enjoy it for yourself!

Please tell us about how you think about other characters wearing Kitty’s outfits in the UT collection.

Cinnamon and Kuromi are both wearing ribbons and overalls to try the Hello Kitty style! They both look so cute in their outfits, so we hope many of their friends will take a look!

Please give a message to your fans.

I am very excited to collaborate with UNIQLO stores around the world, where we can meet many friends! I hope that Cinnamon, Kuromi and Kitty's UT will be a great opportunity to expand our circle of good friends. I will keep challenging many new things in Kitty's anniversary year and in the future. I hope you are excited to see what is to come♪

Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary

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