Creative Director Interview

Creative Director Interview

We interviewed Marimekko Creative Director, Ms. Rebekka Bay, about the inspiration and the concept behind the Summer 2024 Limited-Edition Collection.

Please tell us about the collection inspiration behind the concept of “Joyful Summer Picnic.” How did you come up with a summer picnic for the theme?

The 2024 Spring/Summer “Joyful Summer Picnic” collection perfectly captures the spirit and the joy we feel when being able to spend time outside during the summer season. The collection is a natural continuation of our “New Year 2024” collection where we explored time outdoors and cozied up during the winter months. For the summer season we really wanted to evolve the idea of enjoying the outdoors with family, friends, and loved ones.


Following the successful comeback of the previous New Year collection, this summer collection seems very vivid with colorful and bold patterns. What made you decide to incorporate the six patterns for this collection? What is the selection process to choose these prints out of more than 3,500 archive patterns you have for our collaboration?

We are always seeking inspiration in our vast pattern archive and are intrigued to create happy contradictions in the pattern combinations when featured together side by side. For this collection, we chose patterns from three decades: 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. The collection features the bold and graphical Melooni (melon) by Maija Isola, repetitive small scale Asema (station) by Pentti Rinta, and two abstract floral prints: Ruukku (flower pot) by Maija Isola and Demeter by Katsuji Wakisaka. Striped patterns, such as Lirinä (sound of gurgling water) by Pentti Rinta and Galleria (gallery) by Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi bring a sense of rhythm to the abstract floral patterns.

Please share the inspiration of the color palette along with these six patterns.

We wanted to capture the essence of a perfect summer day. The collection is a tribute to joyous, sun-filled summer picnics in the great outdoors with loved ones. As a result, we have worked with sky blues, ranging from morning to evening skyscapes, reds from soft pink to true red, and lastly greens from fresh grass to earthy shades of moss and brown.

Continuing from the precious collection, the summer collection gives us the sense of warmth and bonding of family, friends, and loved ones just like depicted by the campaign visuals. Could you please share your thoughts and how that mirrors the collection lineup and our collaboration?

Similarly to our earlier collections, we want to celebrate inclusivity and togetherness, celebrating and finding joy in everyday moments. The vibrant and colorful designs capture the everyday effortless design philosophy of both our brands. We are excited to bring the collection to women, kids, and babies.


What are your favorite pieces from the collection?

The new collection offers a wide array of breezy, comfortable dresses as well as skirts made in cotton and linen, along with hats, shoes, and bags for mixing and matching. One of my personal print favorites is Melooni (melon), which is included here in the perfectly effortless summer dresses, so that will have to be my favorite, even though it is difficult to pick just one.


Please share with us your tips for the styling of this collection. Any mix and match recommendation?

I personally do not think there are any limitations when it comes to styling these pieces. I believe it is all about the mood and a sense of individuality. All the items can be worn on their own, as a set, or be mixed and matched together for vibrant expression. At Marimekko, we always mix floral prints with stripes and more graphic patterns as they all complement each other and create an interesting dialogue.

Where are the perfect summer picnic spots in Finland? What is your favorite tradition?

Finland has the most amazing archipelago with many small islands near the center of Helsinki. These islands make the most amazing picnic spots, which make you forget that you are just a stone's throw away from the city center. I love the outdoors, both in and near the water. Whenever I am in Helsinki and have the opportunity, I love to go running by the sea in the mornings, hike in the forest, or take a boat to one of the many islands.


Rebekka Bay

Born 1969, Danish citizen
BA (Hons) in Fashion, Designskolen Kolding, Denmark
Primary work experience
2015–2017 Head of Design and Product, Everlane, New York
2012–2015 Creative Director EVP of Gap Global Design, Gap Inc., New York
2011–2012 Creative Director, Bruuns Bazaar, Copenhagen
2006–2011 Creative Director, COS, London

About Rebekka Bay

Rebekka Bay was appointed Marimekko’s Creative Director in September 2020. In her role, she leads Marimekko’s design and innovation teams and is responsible for the company’s design strategy for fashion, bags, accessories, and home products. Rebekka splits her time between Copenhagen and Helsinki.