A Closer Look at the UNIQLO and MARNI Collection

A Closer Look at the UNIQLO and MARNI Collection

Playing with the distinctive color combinations that make MARNI unique, the UNIQLO and MARNI collection features ginghams, stripes, original hand-painted floral prints and checked patterns in a variety of styles and proportions. The collection explores three core themes: balloons, suits and pajamas.


“Balloons” consists of puffy skirts and sleeveless blouses, as well as generously cut coats. The proportions of the dynamic, hand-painted checked patterns differ slightly from style to style, on an arresting play of surfaces. The floral patterns positively blossom from versatile skirts and coats. The materials have a full-bodied, substantial feel.



“Suits” features tailored jackets and pants in colorful gingham checks, with boxy silhouettes for a relaxed presentation. The lightweight, stretchy polyester fabric has a high-quality feel.



“Pajamas” features windowpane patterns made from softly flowing lines, in either satin fabric with a subtle sheen, or cotton with a relaxed drape. The result is an eclectic wardrobe that ingeniously combines design, color and material, in striking balance. An original and surprising style, for everyone and every day.