Craftsmanship story

Craftsmanship story

Clothing for comfort and elegance, even in winter.

The 3D Knit Turtleneck Sweater that gently enhances the curves


A turtleneck like no other, this seamless 3D knit ribbed turtleneck sweater wraps the body’s curves in soft comfort. Enjoy the elegance of the smooth curved sleeves and flowing hem, and ease into the day with a pair of gentle AIRism cotton shorts.

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A flattering color palette that illuminates the skin.


Discover the charm of a warm gray color that illuminates all skin tones. Choose a relaxing bra and shorts in a chic sheer mesh material or enjoy the touch of soft AIRism cotton, both in the collection’s signature hue.

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A bra slip that doubles as a dress.


The effortless grace of a bra slip that styles by itself or under a dress. Design details include a flattering neckline and gently flowing silhouette, made with elegant gray AIRism cotton fabric.

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An alluring bra top that stays dry in the winter.


Blending Mame Kurogouchi’s design with UNIQLO's technology, this collection is filled with elegant items made for ultimate winter comfort. The design team worked diligently to create pieces like the AIRism Cotton Bra T-Shirt, a stylish top equipped with bra cups, that styles under a sweater or by itself. Smooth AIRism cotton stays dry and comfortable even when indoor temperatures rise.

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3D knit items wrap the body in soft comfort.


UNIQLO's leading 3D knit technology makes possible a knit cardigan and knit ribbed pants that wrap the body in smooth, seamless material. Open and wear as a long cardigan or button up to wear as a dress, enjoying the neckline and curved sleeves with the elegant Mame Kurogouchi touch. Wear with seamless knit pants that land softly on the curves and enhance the figure. Delicate design meets UNIQLO technology to create an ensemble that delights all winter long.

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A relaxing bra that brings comfort and support throughout winter.


When relaxing at home, enjoy the charm and easy comfort of a wireless bra with an intricately-designed silhouette and full bra support. Uniqlo and Mame Kurogouchi have worked to develop specialized bra cups that maintain their shape, with additional support from a single horizontal strap in the center. In soft AIRism fabric or a stylish mesh material that illuminates the skin, let the bra lift you in spirit while keeping you comfortable and supported.

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