Sweater weather! Many think that is the best part of the season. But when faced with the task of  sweater washing, the typical reaction is fear and horror - you don’t want to ruin your favourite knitted treasure. But cleaning a sweater can actually be a stress-free endeavor you can perform at home.

UNIQLO sweaters are specifically designed to heighten your life, not just when wearing them, but caring for them,  too. Ours are made to be washed. For instance, the Extra Fine Merino fabrics are constructed with innovative knitting techniques to reduce pilling and strengthen shrink resistance. 


Stuart Boyd is a specialist in laundry chemistry at LTC Worldwide and leads the training department.
He shared some of his mastery.

1. Machine Washing

Most Extra Fine Merino sweaters are washing machine safe (check the care label to be sure)

With machine washing you’d want it on the most delicate cycle. Using a PH neutral, mild detergent is preferred.
Dye loss in bright sweaters should be minimised by using the correct detergent (and buying a quality sweater)