• Now Trending in Europe and the USAUNIQLO Bra Tops Receive Worldwide Attention
Now Trending in Europe and the USA UNIQLO Bra Tops Receive Worldwide Attention

Now Trending in Europe and the USA
UNIQLO Bra Tops Receive Worldwide Attention

Jun 04, 2024 NEWS
UNIQLO Bra Tops, comfortable single articles of clothing with bra cups, are some of the most popular items for spring and summer, and new products launched this season are attracting attention worldwide. Here we present some of the hottest, trending items in the bra top line that are catching up to last year’s hit item, the Round Mini Shoulder Bag.

New ‘Combination Bra Camisole Dress’ trending on SNS!
Combination Bra Camisole DressThe week after a customer in Australia introduced this dress on SNS, weekly sales in the UK increased by about 1.3 times from the previous week, and sales have continued to rise. In the USA, the introduction of this dress on the UNIQLO official SNS account reached 900,000 views. Picking up on the trend, popular UK daily newspapers declared it the next hit product, boosting sales 10% week on week. The popularity of this dress in Europe and the USA has skyrocketed.

Freestyle ‘AIRism Cotton Bra Tube Top’ also attracts attention!
AIRism Cotton Bra Tube TopThe post introducing this top on UNIQLO official USA SNS account received 2 million views. Tie-up posts with influencers lifted the number of views even further, boosting sales of the popular item by 30% times week on week.

The secret of the Bra Top’s popularity is its support structure and comfort
Highly supportive structureUNIQLO Bra Top has a structure that provides all-around support, holding the breasts firmly with a three-dimensional cup and highly elastic band, along with netting along the sides to reduce lateral bust movement*. Further, the Combination Bra Camisole Dress can be worn alone as a single item, perfect for the coming summer season when the temperature rises. The updated AIRism Cotton Bra Tube Top has been well received for integrating the bra cups so that they don’t fall out during washing.

Be sure to check out UNIQLO Bra Tops, which are becoming more popular than even the Round Mini Shoulder Bag.

* Construction varies by product.