• UNIQLO cashmere: redefining luxury
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UNIQLO cashmere: redefining luxury

Sep 08, 2022 LifeWear
Cashmere’s rich history of luxury is down to its supreme softness, and its durability. Derived from goats, this soft wool has been transformed into cherished garments since the 13th century. While the sumptuous feel of cashmere is everlasting, this season we are redefining the idea of luxury clothing by combining this highly desirable fibre with the latest technology. Introducing our new women’s 3D cashmere knits: made from pure cashmere and crafted using WHOLEGARMENT® Japanese knitting technology to create a seamless garment.

UNIQLO 3D knit seamless cashmere crew neck jumper
3D knit seamless cashmere crew neck jumper

These innovative knits have all the heat retention and refined texture you expect from cashmere, but with enhanced comfort; thanks to the complete absence of seams. The 3D design fits your form, and has elegant drape that isn’t disrupted by stitching.

A new design to fall in love with

3D knit seamless cashmere turtleneck jumper
Shop the look: 3D knit seamless cashmere turtleneck jumper and side pleated narrow skirt

This is a cashmere knit like no other: knitted as one whole garment for the perfect silhouette that drapes wonderfully over your body. Made with a tighter knit for extra durability, each jumper is knitted with a special stretch-resistant pattern so your knitwear will never lose its shape. Cuffs and hem are made with a special threading technique to prevent stretching, while pill-resistant technology allows you to wash your cashmere knits repeatedly at home.

Careful craftsmanship

cashmere turtleneck jumper
Shop the look: 100% cashmere turtleneck jumper, pleated tapered fit trousers, Italian saddle leather belt, DRY crew neck T-shirt, and socks

Our men’s cashmere has also been updated this season for the perfect fit. After the raw wool has been carefully selected from the world's leading producers, we treat it so that the finished knits are resistant to pilling. For this season we have been on a quest to find the optimal yarn thickness and knitting tension for a luxurious texture. After meticulous research, we made the knit tighter, resulting in a thicker fabric, and also adjusted the body width, shoulder width, and sleeve thickness to match the thickness of the fabric, while keeping the fit comfortable.

Don’t be scared of caring for cashmere

cashmere crew neck jumper
100% cashmere crew neck jumper

The most luxurious of fibres has a reputation for being hard to care for, but we're here to reassure you. Our cashmere knits can be washed at home repeatedly, and remain soft and smooth. Anti-pill processing means our cashmere knits last longer, even after repeated washing. Just dry them flat after washing, so they keep their shape. Clothes airers are perfect for this. Store your knitwear folded to keep them looking good as new.


cashmere crew neck jumper
Shop the look: 100% cashmere beanie, cocoon dress, and HEATTECH socks

Complete your elegant winter look with our cashmere hats, scarves, and gloves. Protect yourself from the cold, while wrapping yourself in softness that will never itch; even when worn against your face and neck.

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