• 8 Ways to style the upcoming Uniqlo U Collection

8 Ways to style the upcoming Uniqlo U Collection

Sep 02, 2022 LifeWear
The Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection is available online and in-store from September 22nd.
Introducing Uniqlo U: future LifeWear essentials, designed with the highest precision in pursuit of a simplified, modern wardrobe. Artistic director Christophe Lemaire and his team in Paris reimagine everyday clothing using innovative materials and contemporary silhouettes.

The new collection is available online and in-store from September 22nd.

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Inspiration For Her

Uniqlo U Hooded Coat
Uniqlo U Long Sleeved Shirt Dress

From our Research and Development Centre in Paris, Christophe Lemaire brings his talent and luxury brand expertise to elevate and refine every Uniqlo U collection. This year's latest instalment "pushed us to rethink function in our daily lives, and our new habits, to redefine our needs", Lemaire explains. The result is a lineup of essentials born of an innate appreciation for the utility of everyday clothing.

Model wears:
Uniqlo U AIRism Cotton Short Sleeved Flared Dress
Uniqlo U Single Breasted Coat
Uniqlo U Knitted Scarf

From ideation to execution, "we think a lot about the concept of a refined wardrobe" Lemaire says. "Each piece should have a very precise function, being of use on its own but also working together by layering to create new functions."

Uniqlo U Flared Skirt
Uniqlo U Oversized Long Sleeved Shirt
Uniqlo U Premium Lambswool Turtleneck Jumper

High-quality premium fabrics meet a modern reinvention of classic styling.

Uniqlo U Striped Shirt Dress
Uniqlo U Crew Neck Short Sleeved T-Shirt
Uniqlo U Rounded Jeans

"Rich and refined neutrals are in the Uniqlo U DNA", says Lemaire. "Defining the colour palette always starts with an instinctive desire for certain tones and colours, fed by artists or photography exhibitions, movies, art books, and people in the streets. Then it's about finding the right shade, the right combinations of colours, to achieve a palette that feels easy and desirable, but also new and exciting."

Inspiration For Him

Uniqlo U Pocketable Long Coat
Uniqlo U Oversized Long Sleeved Shirt
Uniqlo U Regular Fit Jeans

Which piece defines the spirit of this new collection? "The pocketable long coat; because it's so functional, practical, and versatile. It can be worn in so many ways by everybody, no matter their age or gender."

Uniqlo U Flannel Checked Oversized Grandad Collar Shirt
Uniqlo U Crew Neck Long Sleeved T-Shirt
Uniqlo U Wide Fit Parachute Trousers

"We try to be straightforward, with an emphasis on how the piece is cut and how the fabric behaves, to create a simple, high quality collection with a practical sense of beauty and refined colour palette."

Uniqlo U Flannel Oversized Fit Checked Shirt
Uniqlo U Jeans
Uniqlo U Crew Neck Long Sleeved Top

"The more versatile a garment is, the more timeless it will be. We try to create clothes that people of all ages, social backgrounds, countries, and regions can understand and adapt to make their own. Pieces that can last for a long time."

Uniqlo U Oversized Shirt
Uniqlo U Premium Lambswool Ribbed V Neck Jumper
Uniqlo U Pleated Tapered Chino Trousers

"The codes of how we are supposed to dress are not as rigid as they once were. Now we can see people becoming very free and creative with their use of garments. It is a natural step in how we conceive the collection."

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