• Super soft soufflé knits
UNIQLO soufflé knits in off-white and natural colours

Super soft soufflé knits

Sep 10, 2021 LifeWear
What makes soufflé yarn so great?
There’s nothing worse than pulling on a beautiful jumper, only to feel that familiar prickle against your skin. That’s why we created our soufflé yarn, specifically to guarantee an affordable knit that doesn't make your skin itch. Whether you’re looking for a new jumper, cardigan, or even a dress, the soft, fluffy sensation of soufflé is sure to bring a smile to your face.

woman wearing UNIQLO soufflé cardigan
Soft Soufflé Yarn V Neck Cropped Cardigan

What makes soufflé so great?

Soufflé’s name came about due to its resemblance to the light and fluffy dish. These unique knits are spun from bouclé yarn with a stretchy core for a supremely soft texture that has to be worn to be believed.

woman wearing UNIQLO soufflé jumper
Soft Soufflé Yarn Boat Neck Jumper

Super soft
In the same way that air is whipped into egg whites to achieve the light and fluffy texture in a great soufflé, we actually push air between the yarns of our soufflé knits to create ultimate softness. The first thing you’ll notice when you put your arms through the sleeves of a soufflé knit is the new experience that this light and airy texture provides.

UNIQLO soufflé jumper
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Bouclé yarns are created by combining two or more strands of yarn at different tensions, resulting in little loops along the length of the yarn. Not only does this result in a cosy texture, this also traps heat: making our soufflé knits lovely and warm.

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Our yarn development involved a detailed search for the most balanced blend of acrylic, nylon, and wool to create knitwear that was both affordable and non-itchy. The result? Lightweight knits that look as good as they feel.

woman wearing UNIQLO soufflé cardigan
Soft Soufflé Yarn Smooth Knitted Coat

Smooth, lightweight finish
In order to create the smooth, lightweight finish of our soufflé knits, we apply a special brushing treatment to each yarn. This is another way that we reduce itchiness. The finished fabric is then finely brushed to give our soufflé knits their signature fluffy finish.

man wearing UNIQLO soufflé jumper
Soft Soufflé Knit Middle Gauge Half-Zipped Jumper

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