• How to style a denim shirt
man wearing UNIQLO denim shirt, white T-shirt and black trousers

How to style a denim shirt

Jun 17, 2021 LifeWear
Transformed into a casualwear classic by Hollywood stars in Westerns, the denim shirt continues to evoke effortless cool. UNIQLO denim shirts evolve with every season and enhance not only in comfort, but also in style. Let's take a look at our popular oversized denim shirt, styled in some modern looks, which you'll want to wear all summer long.

How to casually style a denim shirt

Up for a summer walk along the beach, but it's too windy? The combination of our oversized denim shirt and nylon utility geared shorts is perfect for unpredictable weather. When the sun comes out, just roll up your sleeves or wear the shirt open as a light jacket.

How to achieve summer style with a denim shirt

This stylish look is perfect when you're out and about, meeting friends in the city, or enjoying an evening in the park. Our classic chino shorts look sophisticated with a breathable merino sweater, and an oversized denim shirt adds a layer of classic cool.

Smart casual

Love to mix smart with casual? Meet your perfect outfit. Our smart comfort ankle pants might not be your first choice to pair with our sweat hoodie, but an oversized denim shirt adds the finishing touch to refine the look.

How to style a denim shirt for women

Who says the oversized denim shirt is for men only? People of all genders can create their perfect casual look with this versatile piece. A sweat hoodie dress makes an ideal foundation for an off-duty outfit, and an oversized denim shirt provides a masculine balance.