Apr 07, 2021 LifeWear
Discover the latest in city style
Want to discover the latest in city style? UNIQLO's fashion app StyleHint is where users from all over the world share their best looks. Not only can you search for styles, you can even find and shop items to bring your favourite looks to life.

We interviewed some StyleHint users to find out how they get dressed and how their city influences their style. Discover the latest StyleHint city styles from New York, Berlin, and London...

NYC: Noel

When putting a look together, how do you know when it’s “just right”?
To be honest, I’m that person who lays their entire outfit out onto their bed. T-shirts tucked in pants, the whole nine yards. I know it’s “just right” when I think to myself: “I’d date a guy if he showed up in this.”

Tell us about your city style. If you had to describe it in one word, what would it be? What makes it unique? How do people in your city approach personal style differently?
NYC is street style’s hometown. From the birth of hip-hop culture to today’s on-the-go freelance artists, the sweatpant has always been there. Their comfortability, versatility, as well as how easy they are to style make sweatpants such a NYC classic.

What are your signature styling tricks?
My go-to styling trick is definitely the pin roll. It works great on pants that are too long or too loose at the ankle.

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Berlin: Nike

You have a natural eye for style. What do you look for in the pieces you select?
I’d say that I’m always looking for feelings, even when it comes to selecting pieces. If a piece doesn't speak to me, I won’t fall in love with it. But if it does, I’ll imagine what kind of mood it’ll give me or what books I’d read while wearing it, as well as what kind of music comes to mind, or who it reminds me of.

How do you find inspiration to style an item you own in a new way?
When it comes to styling old items in a new way, the feeling of boredom when looking into my closet turned out to be one of the greatest engines for me. I love looking at real people out in the streets–people who just dress for the moment and people who aren’t focused on looking a certain way. There might be a nonna who’s wearing her pearls like a queen or a man who’s unintentionally rocking cute socks with his sneakers. This is what inspires me. Once I get home, I’ll take that inspiration and try things around until it fits with my own style.

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London: Camille

Why do simple pieces never go out of style?
You can't put a timestamp on simple pieces. When you're looking back at old pictures and see a great white shirt with a nice pair of jeans or a black blazer, you wouldn't think that look was so trendy at that moment in time; they’re just evergreen items that will always work. I also genuinely find that as your pieces get worn in and you get to know them better, you also get better at styling them. Always wanting new things and forgetting to get to know the pieces you already have can be really detrimental to your style. Keeping a wardrobe of simple pieces that don’t go out of style will allow you to incorporate trendy items through layering. This way you can give the item a new twist instead of only wearing it once which I don’t like to do.

Styling of the same item can be so different, as evidenced by the different content produced per city within StyleHint. What are your thoughts on international styling perspectives?
I love the fact that each country and culture has their own way of doing things. Being half-French and half-English living between Paris and London has massively influenced the way I dress. How they would style an item in New York is totally different from how they would do it here in London. I absorb a lot by people-watching in London, but I also rely on travelling for style inspiration, particularly from fashion weeks. New Yorkers, Danish girls, Parisians and Italian women all have very unique ways of expressing themselves through clothing and it's always so fascinating to see.

Living in a city like London is amazing because whatever you want to experiment with in fashion, there will always be room for it. Clothes are really meant as a way of expressing yourself here, whereas in France, they’re thought of more as a uniform. There’s kind of an agreed upon way of wearing your clothes and it’s a little bit more regimented. The way French women dress is kind of nostalgic to me; because they rely on great basics carried throughout their lives, you feel like they never make any fashion mistakes.

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