• What is 3D Knit?
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What is 3D Knit?

Aug 25, 2022 LifeWear
A new dimension in knitwear technology
Knitwear may not immediately conjure thoughts of innovative production technology, but that is exactly what is at the heart of our 3D Knits. These meticulously refined garments are the products of a perfected knitting process designed to produce knitwear with an impeccable, unrivalled fit.

Welcome to 3D Knit: a new dimension in knitwear for men and women.

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What is 3D Knit?

Exploring and utilising revolutionary fabric technologies is at the heart of UNIQLO’s LifeWear philosophy. Our ongoing effort to change the way we dress and feel in our day-to-day means we take traditional clothing manufacturing processes like knitting and look for opportunities for innovation.

Using specialist WHOLEGARMENT equipment designed in Japan, our 3D Knit jumpers and dresses are produced three-dimensionally as one entire piece. The intelligent machinery we use offers much more precise control than traditional knitting techniques, allowing for new and exciting ways to manipulate fabric.

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What are the benefits?

The first thing you'll notice when you try on a UNIQLO 3D Knit dress or jumper is the outstanding feel of the fit. It drapes beautifully and feels comfortable against the skin thanks to the soft and sleek material finish.

The silhouette produced by our 3D knitting process offers a new level of finesse. That’s because these garments, born from just one thread, boast an entirely seamless design which flows over the lines, curves and shapes of your body with effortless ease.

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We even use this unique approach to breathe fresh life into a wide range of fabrics you already know and love. Experience the cutting-edge benefits of three-dimensional knitting with soft cotton designs, luxurious pure cashmere, premium lambswool, and super soft Extra Fine Merino wool.

Why go seamless?

In traditional knitting, for a perfectly flattering cut, the seams must align with your shoulders, the side stitches with your waist. With bodies of all shapes and sizes, and rarely symmetrical, seams can get in the way. Seamless knits follow the natural contours of your shape for a superior fit. No seams means no interference with the natural elasticity of materials, permitting a comfortable finish and improved range of motion.

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How sustainable is 3D Knit?

As part of UNIQLO’s ongoing global commitment to minimising waste and reducing excess materials, our use of WHOLEGARMENT 3D knitting equipment results in a reduced carbon footprint: thanks to streamlined, efficient machinery. Using only exactly the required amount of yarn to knit a product, WHOLEGARMENT technology allows UNIQLO to produces its 3D Knit range while drastically reducing volume of surplus material.

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We've added even more to our 3D Knit range for 2022. Discover elegant new pieces crafted with this ground-breaking technology.

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