Print stories

Print stories

Marimekko is a Finnish design house, founded in 1951, which is renowned for its original prints and use of colour. With over 3500 prints created over the years, these iconic designs have been reborn time and time again in thousands of imaginative colour palettes; proving their timeless appeal. Here are the four patterns that feature across our UNIQLO x Marimekko New Year 2024 limited edition collection.

  • 01Kivet (stones)
  • 02Kissapöllö (tawny owl)
  • 03Seireeni (siren)
  • 04Hattara (wisp)

Kivet (stones)



Maija Isola’s Kivet (stones) design builds on circles cut with scissors. The pattern was most likely inspired by the big rough-edged stones that were manually cleared from the grounds of the designer’s atelier home. It has since become one of Marimekko’s most recognisable and loved patterns.

Kissapöllö (tawny owl)



In 1961, Maija Isola spent many evenings and nights working in Marimekko’s print factory – painting in gentle, sweeping brushstrokes while listening to music. Metre upon metre of new fabric emerged, featuring stylised natural forms such as the Kissapöllö (tawny owl) print.

Seireeni (siren)



While travelling in Greece in the early 1960s, Maija Isola got inspired by the movement of water and depicted it across several prints, including Seireeni (siren) from 1964. Named after the mythological sirens, the design recalls the enchanting singing that lured sailors into dangerous waters.

Hattara (wisp)



The charming small clouds in Pentti Rinta’s naïve Hattara (wisp) pattern will put a smile on your face and offer a chance to revisit sweet summer memories.