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    Design your own

    UT T-shirt

    UTme! lets you create your own one-of-a-kind T-shirt to wear straight away! Combine images and text to create your original design in-store.

    Express yourself with a unique creation, make a thoughtful gift for friends or loved ones, or create matching T-shirts for your whole team to wear at a school or company event.

    Customisation options

    Choose how you want to customise your T-shirt.

    character symbol

    Famous characters

    Choose characters from Disney, Snoopy, and much more!

    paint symbol

    Paint your own design

    Get creative with our paint function to create your own design.

    text symbol


    Add your own text for a unique look.

    image symbol

    Your photos

    Add your own photos to your T-shirt.

    Help give refugees hope away from home!
    This collection features winning designs from a global youth art contest launched by UNIQLO and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.

    In addition to 100,000 USD donated by UNIQLO*, for every purchase of a T-shirt from the collection, we will also donate 3 USD* to UNHCR to support people forced to flee their homes.

    *Fast Retailing CO., LTD., the parent company of UNIQLO, will make the donation to UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency engaged in international activities to protect people forced to flee because of conflict and persecution.

    *The amount may vary depending on the exchange rate at the time of payment.

    Asifiwe, 14, USA/Burundi

    My drawing is a picture of my friend group from when I lived in Burundi. We all follow our friend code that says: 'My friend squad comes first and nobody can bread up apart.' My friends are a source of strength and hope for me. We may be separate but I am sure we’re together in heart and that our memories will continue to live on.

    Afya, 14, USA

    The heart-shaped paper airplane is from someone important. When someone receives it on the other side of the globe, they will be hopeful and optimistic as a result of getting a little love while being away from home.

    Virag, 28, Hungary

    Having met many inspiring asylum-seekers and refugees, I know how important ‘HOPE AWAY FROM HOME’ is to rebuild one’s life in a new environment. My drawing aims to express the act of chasing this hope, and the heart symbolizes that it is very much possible to follow your dreams, even if you are far away from home.

    Georgette, 14, Tanzania/DRC

    The sky and moon symbolize protection and unity. Despite our differences, we are all under the sky and share one moon, it doesn’t matter where you are, there is only one moon, and you are protected by the sky. I want to be a president because I believe I will have the power to make decisions that will not hurt people; power to end wars in the world.

    Mawardi, 20, Somalia/Ethiopia

    I remember the beautiful birds in my home country in the beautiful green forest. My hope is to see these birds again in the future, whether in my home country or somewhere else.

    Pricing & Avaliability

    • Adult Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

      Adult Short-Sleeve T-Shirt


      Color: White

      Size: XS - XL

    • Adult Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

      Adult Long-Sleeve T-Shirt


      Color: White

      Size: XS - XL

    • Kids Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

      Kids Short-Sleeve T-Shirt


      Color: White

      Size: 3 - 11 YO

    • Tote Bag

      Tote Bag


      Color: Off White

      Size: One Size

    • Mini Tote Bag

      Mini Tote Bag


      Color: Off White

      Size: One Size


    • Printing process:


    • Inkjet Printing

      100% Cotton

    How to create your UTme! T-shirt

    Step 1

    Choose a customisation option on the UTme! iPad in store.

    Step 2

    Choose a design.

    Step 3

    Position your stickers, images, or text within the borders shown on screen and adjust the size, according to your design.

    Step 4

    Use special effect to enhance your design.

    Step 5

    Complete your purchase and let a member of staff know that your design is ready to print.

    Store information

    Create your own UTme! design at:

    Oxford Street, London

    311 Oxford St, London W1C 2HP

    View on a map

    Convent Garden, London

    19-20 Long Acre, London WC2E 9LZ

    View on a map


    How long does it take to create a T-shirt?

    From printing to heat-pressing, the process takes about ten minutes.

    Can I use my own photos?

    You can email your photos for use in your design. There will be a member of staff who can help you.

    Where is UTme! available?

    For UK customers, UTme! is available only at our 311 Oxford Street store and Convent Garden store.